• A silly question:
    anyone knows whether it’s possible to have drop caps in WP? and what is the tag, if it ever is allowed?

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  • Ummm, I added a nasty hack to do drop-caps on my site. It requires extracting the first character of the content block, and then wrapping it with a named div so it can be turned into a float in CSS. Go into any article on my site, and you’ll see the result.
    I’m planning on converting to the new plugin architecture (assuming Matt got in the hooks I needed), and could release it as a plugin then.

    You can get a similar effect using the p:first-letter pseudoclass, which saves you having to clutter up your entry with unnecessary <span>s

    If I recall correctly, much of the CSS pseudoclass stuff is either TBD or 2.0, and thus not generally available in the ‘high use’ browsers.. But yes, that’s another completely different approach…

    Thanks guys. Seems to work fine with the <span> thing. I used the tutorial Cena refered to. Although not automated, the process is rather unpainful. I will try dchait’s solution at a later time. But now I am into another kind of detais, so here’s another question:
    suppose I want to use that drop cap in the <storytitle>, and place the <storytitle> on the same line as the post’s first line…? 🙂

    NuclearMoose had it right. My Javascript quicktags has a drop caps script included. Find it here…

    (the #036 is a dollar-sign, btw. Not sure why it does that — tried both [code] and backtick, both do it… weird.)

    Hey, you can do drop-caps in CSS just fine. No need for hacks:

    Except that it requires full CSS2 support, and even then as usual there are differences between browsers…
    Mine would also allow you to do custom effects like image-replacement for the characters (to use some cool, photoshopped caps). 😉

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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