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    I am getting these kind of errors in my server debug log with MySQL 8 and PHP 7.4:

    PHP Notice: Undefined index: widget_title in …/wp-content/themes/baskerville/widgets/dribbble-widget.php on line 75
    PHP Notice: Undefined index: dribbble_username in …/wp-content/themes/baskerville/widgets/dribbble-widget.php on line 76
    PHP Notice: Undefined index: dribbble_number in …/wp-content/themes/baskerville/widgets/dribbble-widget.php on line 77
    PHP Notice: Undefined index: widget_title in …/wp-content/themes/baskerville/widgets/flickr-widget.php on line 59
    PHP Notice: Undefined index: id in …/wp-content/themes/baskerville/widgets/flickr-widget.php on line 60
    PHP Notice: Undefined index: number in …/wp-content/themes/baskerville/widgets/flickr-widget.php on line 61

    I don’t want these two widgets. How can I disable them to prevent these errors? If I delete these two widget php files from the widgets folder in the core theme, the site does not load. Please help to fix this.

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  • Nitaai


    More Error Details To Help
    An error of type E_COMPILE_ERROR was caused in line 210 of the file …/wp-content/themes/baskerville/functions.php. Error message: require_once(): Failed opening required ‘…/wp-content/themes/baskerville/widgets/dribbble-widget.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/share/php’)

    This error seems to be crashing my blog every few hours. The blog stops loading unless I manually restart the server.

    I received this wordpress email:

    Your Site is Experiencing a Technical Issue

    Since WordPress 5.2 there is a built-in feature that detects when a plugin or theme causes a fatal error on your site, and notifies you with this automated email.

    In this case, WordPress caught an error with your theme, Baskerville.

    When seeking help with this issue, you may be asked for some of the following information:
    WordPress version 5.4.1
    Current theme: Baskerville Child (version
    Current plugin: (version )
    PHP version 7.4.6

    Theme Author Anders Norén


    Hi @nitaaikumar,

    The notices should be fixed in version 2.1.4, which was just submitted and should be live during the day. Give the update a try once its live and let me know if it works.

    — Anders



    Thanks so much Anders. That fixed it. You rock!

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