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  • Hello folks, I am now finishing up the site and am currently working on the comments page to finish up the wordpress side of things. From there I will add the static pages to include a gallery for my artwork and pictures.

    What I would like to do for the gallery is make it so folks can comment on them as well but I want to keep it simple for viewing. What is everyones recommendation to accomplish what I explained?

    Oh and any C&C would be great.

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  • Your site looks good. There are many image plugins to do what you want and more. I’ve been trying gallery scripts for a while. If you visit my site, you can see some. Plogger is pretty good and seems to be the one I am leaning towards now.

    Thanks for the reply, I am almost ready to install the gallery and I am still at a loss. What I would like is when someone clicks on the gallery link a page comes up with my images categorized i.e. photos, logos, 2d, 3d etc. I want them to be thumbnailed and when clicked a page comes up like a post comment page where it can be viewed, I can display a quick thought about it and it can be commented on and archived.

    Are you looking for something integrated into WP or a standalone script? I have tried both kinds. There are several examples on my blog. I seem to be leaning towards a standalone script.

    It doesnt matter as long as it does what I am looking for.

    Hello all, does anyone see any issues that I should take a look at, I am hoping to launch in the next few weeks if all is well.

    What’s the difference between the Blog and Journal links?

    Hey jwurster, actually nothing I just hadnt updated all of the templates yet, thanks for pointing that out 😉

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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