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  • So I downloaded Dreamweaver and MAMP and Cyberduck.

    I successfully did everything necessary with MAMP to my understanding.

    I ran into some trouble. I open dreamweaver and put in my site details and imported my wordpress site. And When I see the website run live, I view the admin page.

    My website looks completely different if I view it when I’m logged out. Than when I do when I’m the admin, and yet in dreamweaver I’m basically just editing the admin page.

    How can I edit the actually website in dreamweaver?

    Another thing is, what is the relation between all these applications.

    To my understanding, MAMP allows me to basically edit and view websites without taking them live? So my current wordpress site functions normally until I update it. Is that correct?

    Dreamweaver is an editing application, where I can basically import my sites code, edit it and also simultaneously see it live?

    Cyberduck allows me to actually take my site live by uploading it to my hosting service?

    Is that how they pretty much work together?

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