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  • Hey everyone, I’m in need of some dire help since i’m kinda lost at the moment. SO long story short I am currently working for a company that they are using wordpress to run their web page. Prior to me they had several other goobers that were working on this page which has left it in disarray to stay the least. I’m in the process of picking it apart and have everything semi going ok. I have run into an issue with the header page and installing a banner for the front page that was designed in dreamweaver. I’ve installed it every way I can think of i’m not sure if im missing something or what but any insight would be greatfully appreciated since my boss really does not understand that webpage redesign isn’t an overnight thing. I’m mainly HTML with a bit of wordpress knowledge from a prior job.

    Heres the code for the banner i’m trying to install

    [Please use a pastebin for posting lengthy code – and ALWAYS use the code buttons when posting any code on these forums – ]

    Thank you for any help or if anyone has any other helpful suggestions on something else I can do would be great.


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  • WPyogi


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    Could you repost that code to a pastebin ?

    Also, what theme are you using? A link to the site would be relevant as well.

    Sorry I’m new to this message board but heres the pastebins and as far as the theme goes its a custom theme that was made by the people prior to me so I’m not to sure what to actually give you for it since we don’t have a complete long code for it exactly. Unless i’m overlooking it. Bare with me, wordpress isn’t my specialty i’ve self taught myself a lot except for the crash course i had in it once.

    Header page

    dreamweaver code

    our test site we are making changes to



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    I was asking about a link to the site itself. Is the problem that the banner doesn’t appear or doesn’t work or? I’m really not the person to help with coding questions, but it looks like the banner uses JS? In that case, have you seen

    The banner works on a regular HTML based site we plugged it into at one time just to try and see if it was possibly a wordpress ordeal or if it was something on my end and it worked on the straight HTML site just will not function in wordpress. Yeah I’ve read through the using javascript and made the changes at one point with still no relief. i’m just not sure.

    link to the site is



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    If your JS is enqueued correctly and still not working, it might still be conflicting with a plugin’s JS – looks like you have a number of other plugins that use JS. You could try deactivating the plugins to see if that fixes the problem.

    Alternatively, depending on what the banner is doing, have you looked for an existing plugin that you could use?

    When you say it’s not working, could you give some more details? As in specifically what is not working. Is it displaying incorrectly, are the images not displaying at all, is it not rotating…

    That would be helpful. Thanks.

    @wpyogi thanks I’ll give that a try and see what happens. I’m in the process of looking for another plugin at the moment any suggestion of one that swaps images on hover over a text button. Don’t ask my boss wanted one that functioned that way.

    @christian1012 when placed in wordpress its not functioning at all it will show the outline of the banner but none of the images show or anything. Its almost like something is blocking it from functioning correctly. Any thoughts?

    So the images don’t show. Are they referenced correctly? I would imagine they are not.

    If you look at the dreamweaver code, in the onload event tied to the body tag, you preload all the images for the banner/slider/whatever.

    The images are being referenced relative to the document, and this work often in HTML sites because all the pages and images are in the document root, or close-by. For example, and in your case, maybe the /banners folder. WordPress needs to reference paths and urls relative to the siteurl, for a lot of reasons (all of which are very good).

    So my suggestion would be to 1) Find out if a WordPress page can load the images, ie. they do not throw 404 errors. You can use a browser dev tool like Firebug to see if 404s. If it does, you may have to update those source links to use dynamic urls.



    But rather:

    <?php echo bloginfo('site_url') . '/banners/1.png'; ?>

    or better:

    <?php echo get_stylesheet_directory_uri(). '/banners/1.png'; ?>

    which would mean you place the banners directory within a child theme.

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