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  • My site was created in Dreamweaver and is online now hosted by BlueVoda. I am traveling in Southeast Asia and I only update my journal and gallery page through WordPress for convenience and sometimes by necessity (the only way). Someone has updated my Dreamweaver template for me from home to redirect my gallery page and it’s been published. It is working on all the pages except the two pages that i edit through WP. Perhaps i am not understanding the structure of WP and how it uses DW templates. I need to have WP “see” my DW template and update the link. Let me know if i have not included enough info to answer my question. Thank you very much. Ann

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  • In my sites where Dreamweaver templates control the “static” content and WordPress handles the “blog” portion, there are really two separate versions of the template.

    I don’t know of any way for WordPress to “read” the Dreamweaver template directly. What I did was to recreate the features of the template in the WordPress theme. It’s the theme that controls the look of the pages “managed” by WordPress, not the .dwt file.

    So, I’d guess that your in your theme folder there’s a header.php file that has the navigation bar that includes the link with the text Gallery. Find that and change the address in the corresponding anchor tag from
    <a href="/gallery.html">gallery</a>
    <a href="/journal/slideshows">gallery</a>

    How you change the file depends on whether it’s managed in Dreamweaver or through the WordPress administrative interface. If the latter, you can change it on the road — from the Dashboard, select Presentation > Theme Editor and find the file (probably called header) with the navbar. If the former, the file with the navbar (probably called header.php) will be in the directory wp/wp-content/<your-theme-name> and just needs to be changed and republished.

    It’s possible things will be more complex than this if the navbar is generated by PHP code. But I hope this helps.

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