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    March 19-20: The power outage at Irvine is causing DreamObjects not to function for everyone, which means the plugin update on the 19th was the worst bit of timing ever! The plugin will hang when you try to use it or connect to the panels on your Dashboard. As soon as the server issues are fixed, the plugin will work again. Which means I’ll be adding in a ‘is DHO up?’ check to everything…

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a big wrench and some settings to adjust.


    If you’re having issues with backups and they just seem to stall out on ‘Creating zip file …’ the issue is probably the size of your server.

    PHP memory is fickle, and I am working on trying to make this run faster with fewer timeouts. If your site is over 250 megs and you’re on Shared hosting, you will be more likely to run into this. I am, actively, working on making this better (I did get it bumped from a 100meg limit to 250), and I apologize that it’s not working for everyone.

    Also note: If you’re NOT on a DreamHost server, I have no idea if this will work. I wrote it for DH severs only. I have been told it won’t work on Windows.

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