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  • I need a host for 3 new projects! I’ve narrowed it down to 2 hosts. Dreamhost or Hostgator!

    I’ve read some bad articles about Dreamhost here as well as really good ones. Only a couple of people mentioned Hostgator.

    Does anyone want to warn me about either one of these before I make a decision and pull out my credit card?

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  • I have only used Dreamhost for a few months, but love it. I have found them to solve any problems quickly and give me quick responses.

    I have also seen people who have had problems with them, but I am yet to see anything at all myself.

    Hostgator according to my friend/partner who has used both is far better than DH.

    I’ve got some sites on DH and have had no beefs. Never used Hostgator though.

    [edit: Honest, I didn’t see vkaryl’s post before I posted!]

    *laughing* NP – I don’t (and wouldn’t!) use either….

    Im using hostgator right now, so far i dont have any problem with it .. actually i choose hostgator rather than dreamhost because i can pay month to month and without initial setup fee .. lol

    So I did pick Hostgator in the end. I’ve been with them only for a few days so I shouldn’t say anything good or bad at this point.

    I’ll be sure to come back here if I want to warn or invite others.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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