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    Dreamhost wants to see the IP logs and date/time for confirmed subscribers. I subscribed some people manually. Is there a way now to subscribe them ‘properly’, with an email that requires them to confirm? If I do that, will I have access to the logs Dreamhost wants to see? They’re moving to requiring SMTP mail and to increase my hourly rate (from 100, which doesn’t send all my notifications, so a bunch of subscribers don’t get notices), they need to be assured I’m not sending spam. I know/understand almost nothing about this – their best advice is that I switch to their Announcement List feature, through the web panel. That seems cumbersome and to require knowledge I don’t have.

    I’d be happy to upgrade to the paid version if it made any of this easier. Advice? Help?

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  • IGibson, the Subscribe2->Subscribers admin page should have an export to CSV ability, that would suffice, though proving the users all opted in to the mailing list is the catch. I don’t know if subscribe2 logs that.

    Mika – Well, I can try that, but it just shows the dates, not the IP addresses from which any were confirmed. Anyway, I can start there and see if I can persuade the powers that be that I am not a mad spammer. Truly, you’d think a quick check of the number/frequency of mailings would show that! Any other ideas, anyone? And thanks much!


    This information gets logged to the subscribe2 table in the database provided you are using version 8.6 of the plugin (or higher).

    If you have previously confirmed subscribers then the confirming IP will show as admin which is in breach of the Dreamhost policy. You’ll have to identify these users, revert them to Unconfirmed status in the Subscribe2->Subscribers page (by toggling them and the email address should then appear in red) and then filter on Unconfirmed Public Subscribers and click to send them a reminder email to confirm their subscription themselves.

    MattyRob – I actually understand that! Hurray! And thank you! I am using 8.6 and can toggle my subscribers – so far, so good. When I send the reminder email, can I send the link that they would have received for confirming if they had subscribed through the widget in the first place? (If so, where the heck is it? I can find the reminder email template, but not the actual link.) Conversely, do they just have to initiate the subscription process by entering their email address and then letting the plug-in do its thing by automatically sending a ‘please confirm’ email?

    I did try to figure this out for myself by trying to sign up (on another computer, under a different email account) but Dreamhost servers now appear to be blocking any mail from the plug-in on my site. Have submitted an enquiry/complaint. But in the meantime, I’d like to be ready for when I can talk to the outside world again. Many thanks, Isabel


    The link is individualised to each subscriber so you can’t ‘see’ it. It will be the exact same link they would have got initially.

    Woot! OK, it helps to read *all* the instructions (which I actually teach in my day job, writing proposals, darn it). Anyway, with the filtering, I had the options I needed. Thanks for your patience!


    You are most welcome 🙂

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