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  • I have installed wordpress on a different host provider without any issues. I am new to dreamhost though. I did the onclick install of wordpress and then I realized that I couldn’t get to the subdirectory using dreamweaver. So, I created a new database, I uploaded wordpress, I attempted to install using I get 404 errors. When I use the online tool dreamhost provides I see the blog folder with all the other sub-directories and the files. I made them all mod 777 still nothing. I looked at my log file and don’t see anything.I did open a ticket with dreamhost but was wondering if anyone else has seen this.

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  • From what you said here are a number of things that could have gone wrong.

    Did you delete the old installation first, before attempting a new one?
    What script installation software did you use?

    Hi Rick, What installation we have to delete? Is it compulsory? After delete the previous installation we didn’t get 404 errors?
    Give more explanation on this.

    Thank you,

    Yes, it’s better to do a clean install, You can delete the old installation in the same way you installed it (Fantastico, I guess?)

    If you have created any posts in the meantime, you can back them up by going to the navigation menu at the left of your WordPress admin area to the section called “Tools”. Click on the drop down menu and select “Export”. Later, when you have made the clean install, repeat the operation but choose “Import” instead. This only works for text. If you want to keep the pictures you have to make a copy of the wp-uploads folder, where all your pictures inserted in your posts and pages are.

    Just a question, why do you spam us with a link to “Web Hosting Sites”, when you don’t even know the basics of web hosting?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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