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  • I cannot get dreamhost to load up, much less my site. Plus, in other news, is down too. Coincidence? I think not! Actually, probably is. 😉

    Anyone have some news/clues on this downtime with dreamhost?

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  • Message from my host (powweb)
    We have experienced network outages in the last twenty minutes. The city of Los Angeles lost power which affected many high-rise buildings, traffic signals, LAX airport, and other large infrastructures reaching as far as the San Fernando Valley.

    Hopefully the city officials have this under control. Our admins are doing their part monitoring our network to ensure its availability as best they can during this time.

    Here is a link to an AP story regarding this situation:

    Wow, you guys are great! My powweb is working just fine… actually loading faster than normal haha.

    Well thanks for the help guys!

    ahem .. battery backup? UPS? I’m not saying any more.

    So let me get this straight…DirectNIC survived the largest hurricane damage in modern US history, and dreamhost can’t make it through a California power outage. Hmmm…

    Did you read the directnic guy’s blogging during the hurricane? pretty interesting.

    Sounds like a crappy host with no generator to me.

    My host is in the state of New York and I didn’t loose my site for 1 minute during the whole blackout across the east a few years back. They had their big generator running the whole time. 😀

    They said their backup system failed. They should be up in 45-90 mins.
    Then tomorrow their building will fall victim to a a gust of wind which will cause them to go down again.

    i got their service, domain and hosting, for only $9 a year so i can’t really complain. i pay $120ish for PowWeb and Dreamhost’s MySQL servers are way more reliable.

    I’m on dreamhost too, so I’m down.

    I saw pictures on their blog of the three huge backup generator buildings they have. So it’s surprising that they’re still down. Oh well…

    I used to be on Dreamhost, but I kept going down so I switched to another host (Netfirms). I’m sure every company has their fair share of issues, but I haven’t had any problems since I switched (9 months now).

    Well let’s not turn this into another “who has what hosting” thread.

    My site’s back up. Weee!

    Ok, well, since you brought it up…who has what hosting?

    It looks like my site is back up, but the database is still down. I get my WP “Error establishing a database connection” error. Interestingly, though, the domain itself is still down which means I can’t get to my control panel, either.

    This was (is) far from just DH, BTW. MySpace was down, Yahoo went down briefly, and Media Temple is still down.

    Trust me, having to go through a large host location and start resetting stuff one thing at a time after a complete, and unexpected power failure, is not an easy or quick task. things do *not* just start working again when the power comes back up. You have to take into consideration all of the different servers running all the different services (pop, smtp, http, ftp, dns, ssl…). Getting them all back up and talking to each other (and praying every step of the way that all the data is still there) is a miserable undertaking.

    I feel more sorry for the folks at DH, MT, and anyone else effected by this than I do for myself because my podcast isn’t going to be heard today.

    Speaking of that… I think this may all be my fault. I posted m latest podcast, like, 10 minutes before this happened 🙂

    Well…like someone else above mentioned…it’s a little hard to feel ‘sorry’ for any host that goes down for a measly power outage after DirectNIC’s heroic efforts.

    What’s your podcast, by the way?

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