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    I’m just writing to see if anyone has any tips or similar stories.

    I reinstalled WordPress using Dreamhost’s one-click install about 4 months ago.

    Everything was working perfectly, until a week ago, when I could not log into my site using the ‘admin’ login.

    I contacted Dreamhost, and they claimed that there was no database connected to the site (impossible). Then they claimed that the database was not hosted by them, instead was in a server in South Africa? (I live in the U.S.)

    So, now my website is seemingly gone, and Dreamhost is somehow claiming that they have done nothing wrong.

    Has anyone experienced this? Is there any way to recover my database, when the hosting company claims that it never existed?

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    Please provide a link to your site! Thanks.

    What do you see when you login to your DH account, select the domain, and click “Goodies” on the left to see your databases? If there’s a DB there, can you access via phpmyadmin?

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    The site is:

    Everything looks fine on the front page. But there is no way to access the back-end.

    And no, when I look for my database, there are only old installs there, not the most recent. It’s gone. And Dreamhost says its on someone else’s server (which is crazy, because I’ve only used them, and I don’t have anyone else touching the site)

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    Your site, is not a WordPress site!

    I don’t understand. It is built using WordPress.

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    Right click and select “view source”. There’s no WordPress there. But if I go to /wp-admin I get a login so you may have more than one site in the same place. You may have an index.html file in the root that’s being picked up instead of WordPress’ index.php

    So, there IS a database or that wp-admin wouldn’t work. Look at your wp-config.php file to see where your database is. What does it show as dbhost?

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    🏳️‍🌈 Halfelf Rogue & Plugin Review Team Rep is why you’re not seeing WP 🙂 index.php is there, but it’s prioritized AFTER html 😀

    I looked into your ticket… and I think I see the confusion here though.

    The tech was looking at your wp-config.php which pretty clearly is pointing somewhere else and NOT where it should have been. No data was deleted, he was trying to say “The DB your config is pointing at is not here. We never had it.”

    You asked us, in live chat, if the DB could have been deleted. And … yes, of course it could have been. But looking at your account it was not. Nothing was deleted. What happened is someone (or something) changed your wp-config.php to point to a different database.

    That _com_2 database they mention is the one our OneClick thinks belongs to your install, and it most certainly is not deleted. You had two other DBs (_com and _com_1) which you did delete back in 2014 however. Given that you said you installed this 5 months ago, I’m going to assume you did that on purpose and it has nothing to do with all this.

    Okay! So yay, nothing at all was deleted 🙂

    The ‘mystery’ remains why your wp-config.php was changed to point to this other DB host (which it was at some point… I’m going to ping your live chat tech and suggest next time he look at the edited date for wp-config.php to get an idea of WHEN it might have been changed).

    But I would treat this like a user-account crack, and change passwords. Turn on Multifactor authentication, scrub the files and reinstall them. I can see the OLD folder (which should not be in your publicly accessibly web folder and it certainly wasn’t how WE install things…) and that has just a couple plugins you’re missing so it would probably be best to reinstall those cleanly from wp-admin and then copy the uploads folders over.

    I did a really quick scan for anything naughty on WP’s end and I don’t see any.

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