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  • paulbarrett1952


    This is an update on my previous review, now that 2.0 has been released,

    My position is unchanged. From and end-user perspective this plugin is simply awful. I can’t summon up the words or the energy to describe how bad it is because there are so many things wrong I don’t know where to start.

    So I’ll list the good things instead.

    1. It’s a plugin, so you can just not install it. I hope to god it stays that way and NEVER makes it into the core product.

    2. There is no item 2. There are no other good qualities about this editor. Usability has been sacrificed for no perceivable benefit. My existing posts look dreadful when I try to edit them. Images that display perfectly in the existing editor have the width reduced so they become distorted. It doesn’t even display the content using my defined font!

    Original Review

    I don’t know what the objectives were for this project but this editor is absolutely awful. Please, whatever you do, do NOT release this as a mandatory core function. It is not fit for purpose. Keep it as a plugin so that we can continue to use tinyMCE which is far superior.

    Usability has been decreased:

    a) I am all for making sure that functions are presented in context but you have hidden everything that’s useful.

    b) Now, instead of clicking on a function, I have to guess where it might be hidden, reveal it with a mouse click and then choose the function. So every single edit I do has the mouse click count doubled. Are you kidding?

    Responsiveness has been totally ignored. I use a wide screen monitor. The current editor used the full-screen width. The new one uses a very narrow editing column in the centre of the screen and presents me with blank areas to both sides. Of the available screen width that the editing space could fill, Gutenberg uses 30.8% That’s less than a third of what’s available. tinytMCE uses 100%

    Meanwhile the “Insert” link (pretty important when you’re editing) is placed miles away in the top right corner, out of my focal point, beyond my peripheral vision. Why? Not everybody composes their content on a smartphone.

    I am a software product manager. I can honestly say that in 20 years I have never seen a worse UI and the little I have seen of the UX is just as bad.

    There are some plugins you look at and think “That’s looks promising” that you install and then delete when you see that they are not fit for purpose. This is one of them.

    If this gets released as a mandatory core product, I will be an ex WordPress user quicker than you can say ‘Gutenberg.’

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  • Mel Choyce


    Added an issue to GitHub about improving the widescreen experience:

    Thanks for your feedback!



    Pity you didn’t do anything about the responsiveness issue. It’s worse not better. Now it doesn’t even display images correctly but takes the defined post width and scrunches it down to fit the width imposed by the editor, distorting images in the process. They look OK in the preview but not in the edit mode.

    If you could have addressed one thing in this plugin, it would have been to make sure that the edit view is a fair representation of the final view. Instead we’ve taken a step backwards.


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