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  • Yet another dreadful iteration that 9999 out of every thousand wp users will drop 1 second after loading. There is nothing in this theme that can be recommended. I actually believe my 16 yr old daughter would be able to build a better theme from scratch then what WordPress came up with after a year of work. Sad.

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  • Hopefully a 16 y/o child could code a theme like this… Sure this theme looks pretty simple and minimalist but coding cross platform and creating a clean theme is not as easy as you think.

    I can understand your feeling if your were waiting for the “Theme of the century”.

    Remember, when it comes to code, less is better 😉

    Maybe if you wait a little there will be many TwentyFifteen Child Themes out there with plenty of colours and options for you to play with.

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    Front-end developer

    Is there any specific feedback you can give, Maxcom, that can help improve the theme? What was wrong? It sounds like there was something significant that made you feel this way.

    Well, all I can tell you is that… I paid for a host of professional themes with a 30 day trial. They’re great themes. Nothing negative to say. However, it was too hard to try to set them up. That will have to wait for me to be more on top of a whole design to figure “all that out” what I want here and there or to have more time for the project.

    I thought, “I’ll try this standard Twenty Fifteen”. Simple, ez, just smooth sailing for me. So, I would have paid for a theme that others might be “more impressed with”… but I chose this one over those.

    Maybe a lot of people’s 16 year old daughters could have worked easily with those other themes and set up a whole design quickly. I couldn’t. 🙂 Simplicity and ease of setting up matters a lot along with all the other features and benefits.

    This is a great theme for me and thank you for it!!



    I feel sorry for your daughter.


    There are lot of WP users they do not know coding but using WP as magazine websites or professional websites. Those non-techie users were able to use 2014 theme as an excellent solution for professional blogging. 2015 theme is so simple and basic. That may not help these non-techie common people. One plus is this situation will drive people to premium themes. Another plus point – for competitor Blogging softwares can come up with excellent basic theme to eat WP’s market share. I am still waiting to see the documentation to do the tweaks in this theme 🙂

    I am still waiting to see the documentation to do the tweaks in this theme 🙂

    I make all my modifications via a child theme. This is actually a very easy theme to create a child theme for.

    Customizing wp official themes are a nightmare because they put all css formating in function.php as variables so you have to know php too. Plain stupid.

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