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  • Have removed from all client sites.

    WordPress people, what on earth are you doing?
    Just stop it.

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  • Andrew Nevins


    WCLDN 2018 Contributor | Volunteer support

    @fpats, Can you tell us what was dreadful? We need actionable feedback.

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    Hello fpats,

    Thank you very much for your succinct review, which says much more than its word count.
    I can appreciate that you are a person who has clients, and therefore are in business, and in business ‘time is money’ and ‘client satisfaction effects reputation’.

    1) re

    Have removed from all client sites.

    So when you say you ‘have removed from all client sites’, this is voting with your feet.
    This is no small comment, and is an act exhibiting the confidence that you have in what is presently this plugin.
    Unfortunately there has been no explanation as to what the reason or reasons are, for making this decision. So the reasons can only be imagined; an activity which does not result in action.
    It would be helpful if you could list any number of the reasons, and possibly explain some.

    Regrets are to be extended to your clients for any inconvenience they experienced when trialing this plugin. And this is why the value of feedback from people who have had a negative experience is so important and very valuable – it is hard earned (in time and other resources).

    2) re

    WordPress people, what on earth are you doing?

    You have asked a question, which may or may not be rhetorical, but never the less is a question worth pondering or responding to. In asking it, it suggests that ‘what is being done’ has not been communicated well enough to you up to this point (post Gutenberg trial).
    This might be a question that you will receive an answer to from somebody more closer to the project.
    But in answering it to some extent, as a co-tester/user/trialler, there is some information on the description tab on the pages for this plugin at wordpress-org, and there you can find a link there for the manual for Gutenberg.

    This question, by the use of the term ‘on earth’ suggests that ‘what is being done’, is not your only concern, but that you are also expressing some form of surprise/out of the ordinary/shock/dismay/improbability or something of that sort.
    It would be helpful for the project to understand this aspect of your response to having experienced the plugin.

    3) re

    Just stop it.

    This is fundamentally a statement ‘in the imperative’, and if one chose to hear it in a sensitive way, then the hearer might take it as a ‘command’.
    However, this is also a ‘common turn of phrase’ which is used in such cases as an annoying child.
    So to understand this comment better, it would be helpful if you could elaborate on what you mean by ‘stop’ and what you mean by ‘it’?
    For example, by ‘stop’ you could mean ‘all out stop/end/halt/no restart’, or ‘pause/wait a while’, or ‘stop something in particular but continue with the rest’, and ‘it’ could mean ‘the project as a whole’, or ‘some aspect of the project’, or ‘some activity or process other than the project’.

    Appreciation ;
    As has been said above, your brief comments say much more than their brevity might indicate.

    Appreciation must be expressed in acknowledging that in order test and report on this plugin you have had to;
    a) receive an invitation to trial it, and accepted
    b) install and activate it
    c) tried it on your system
    d) spent time getting to know it, or enough time to find out that you wanted to stop
    e) deactivate and uninstall it
    f) have done the same for all your clients, and possibly (though you have not specifically said so) had all your clients go through the same experience.
    g) of all your clients, not one has remained with the plugin, so each has gone through to (e)
    h) gone to the effort of placing a rating, and taking the time to provide a comment.
    A total effort that would have taken anywhere from 1 to 20 hours, or more (depending on clients total time involvement), for which you are to be thanked.

    It would be helpful if you could briefly indicate the comments of clients. This is not just so their experiences are known, but so that the team that is collecting feedback through this channel, can develop an idea of what is behind even the ‘small brief comments’ that are said, which is important since roughly 1 in 200 installations are making a review.
    So this would help improve the estimates of what the other roughly 199 of 200 installations that make no comment, ‘might be thinking’.

    This project is worked on by many volunteers, many unpaid, and devoting much time to the project. The development process involves complex procedures too many to speak of here in your review). Gutenberg is aimed at the convenience of the user and includes technical advancements. The project (I am guessing) is being driven to meet deadlines, and in the interests of making it most attractive to users to employ, as much comment as possible is being sought.

    Since your brief comment has so much meaning, and is so valuable, and may be representative of many others, it could be quite enlightening to hear more of what you have to say.

    But even if you do not wish to make further comment, then many thanks for your contribution, and much appreciation for the effort that you and your customers have gone to.

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