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    Hi, you have the perfect solution for me, however in my widgets area I am unable to drag and drop them to the BPMH columns (my other widgets have ‘add’ on their widget bars). I am using ‘commons in a box’ (a buddypress theme)and the latest wordpress version, is this a compatibility issue or am I missing something obvious? I would be grateful for any pointers. Thanks.

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  • Thanks for your feedback i’ll test CBOX to see what’s going wrong and “i’ll be back” 😉

    Cheers Arnie, I really appreciate the help 🙂

    Hi, I’m back !

    The problem is that CBOX is using a class named column as i do in BP My Home. In next upgrade, i’ll prefix my columns to avoid this behavior.

    In the meantime, you can edit 3 files to make BP My Home behave the right way.

    1/ dragbox.css, path : /wp-content/plugins/bp-my-home/css/dragbox.css. You need to replace all occurences of .column by .bpmh-front-column. There should be 6 occurrences at lines : 1, 6, 19, 42, 61 and 68

    2/ dragbox.js, path : /wp-content/plugins/bp-my-home/js/dragbox.js. You need to replace all occurences of .column by .bpmh-front-column. There should be 3 occurrences at lines : 27, 28 and 51

    3/ template.php, path : /wp-content/plugins/bp-my-home/includes/template.php. You need to replace all occurences of class="column" by class="bpmh-front-column". There should be 2 occurrences at lines : 51 and 54.

    It worked for me, so i guess it should for you 😉

    Ah but you hadn’t banked on me being a technical numpty! So this is the first time I have done anything vaguely technical, up until now downloading plugins was my level. Thought I had done really well, I went to my cpanel found the files, edited them as suggested, remembered to save but when in my site’s widgets area, I still can’t move the boxes into the correct columns. Have I missed out a vital move? Thanks again.

    The good news is that it has sorted out ‘Members Home’ becoming the landing page if the settings box is ticked. But still reads – Sorry, the administrator has not activated any widget so far. Cheers.

    if you see the message “Sorry, the administrator has not activated any widget so far” then it means you need to put some bpmh widgets into the bpmh sidebars from the theme’s widget administration.

    Hi that’s my problem, I can’t move my widgets into the bpmh sidebars. The rest of my widgets have add in theirt top right hand corner and my bpmh widgets don’t. I have tried to drag and drop them but I just can’t get them to move.

    okay, I have resolved this. I couldn’t drag and drop the widgets nor could I access screen options to turn off my accessibility mode that changes widget ‘drag and drop’ to ‘add/edit’. So for any one else having the same problem, I had to reset my plugins folder in my host’s control panel under file manager.

    1. In your host’s file manager, go to the wp-contents folder (directory)
    2. Rename the folder “plugins” to “plugins.hold”
    3. Login to your WordPress administration menus (/wp-admin)
    4. access screen options > disable accessibility mode
    5. Drag widgets across
    6. Via FTP or your host’s file manager, rename “plugins.hold” back to “plugins”

    There may be a better way but this allowed me to drag and drop widgets. Unfortunately it did dump all the other widgets I had been using into the ‘inactive widgets section’ so I had to move them back across but problem now solved 🙂

    Oh ! i see i didn’t understand the problem at first 🙁 sorry. And thanks a lot for sharing your solution 🙂

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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