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  • tmaiaroto


    Working on a new theme….not complete for a package yet, but here she is:

    It allows you to drag and drop elements and they will be held in position the next time you visit even.

    Use Firefox please =) IE will work but I used transparent PNGs so on IE it’s substituted with not so nice GIFs for the moment.

    Or use Safari. BUT you probably won’t be able to scroll the posts…minor side effects of the drag and drop script I have…I should only apply the drag and drop to things that don’t scroll….but….too bad =)

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  • Chris_K


    Wow! Works/looks great in Opera 9 (xp and xubuntu) for what that’s worth. Pretty cool.



    Heh, when using your scrollbar it scrolls AND drags the notebook. I assume not a desired effect?



    Looks fab!

    I’m using Opera 9, but unlike HandySolo, it’s not scrolling but instead dragging the whole notepad 🙁

    If you can sort out the scroll problem, it’d be fantastic.




    thats kinda cool 🙂 I grabbed the notepad expecting to scroll .. way cool 🙂

    PS: I think that is a desired effect. You can grab the post-its too



    Good point, Piggy. I scrolled with mouse wheel. Trying to grab the scrollbar grabbed the entire notepad.

    Tried in FF1.5 and there grabbing the scrollbar works — to a point. If you get to the bottom of the screen with the “scroller” suddenly it becomes a “drag the whole window” thingy.

    All minor nits imho though. This thing is slick.



    Yup. That’s one of the bugs as I was writing about on my blog but I guess if you couldn’t scroll you couldn’t read that part =)

    I don’t know how to fix it…I mean yea I use my scroll wheel and that works….clicking (just one click at a time) on the arrows/scroll bar works in some browsers but not all. I believe FireFox 1.5 on OSX will behave 100% as intended and you can even drag the scroll bar! Internet Explorer – when you click it picks up the item and you can drag it other words you don’t need to click and hold the item.

    However…that isn’t true for the links on the stickies. Just the notebook scroll bars.

    I think ultimatley the solution (at least quick one) as sad as it may be – is to ditch the drag on the notebook and make it static. Then only the stickies move around and that’s kinda boring….eh maybe not I don’t know. It’s a work in progress, I just wanted to see people’s thoughts and combatibilities – I don’t have Opera.

    Thanks guys.



    Yeah, it works perfectly in osX FireFox. Who needs silly Flash? This does it all.



    …yea….but I didn’t realize you can’t post comments! DOH! I’m hoping a simple fix, I have one idea in mind…first one didn’t work…maybe just make comments pop-up?



    hmmm…dhtmlgoodies also has a scrollable div script…that doesn’t react to your scroll wheel…perhaps the drag and drop won’t have the same effects on it…and then again it might. but i’ll be trying this next:

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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