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    I updated to 3.3.1 a week or so ago. I’ve been doing all of my work on the site in Firefox so I hadn’t noticed this.

    I went to test the site in IE 8 and IE 9 and neither of them will display the Drag and Drop interface when the Upload button is clicked. The Select Files button is grayed out, forcing me to click the browser upload link (which does work).

    I’ve already attempted disabling all plugins and changing to the twenty-eleven theme. Neither made a difference. Both browsers were fully updated and running updated versions of flash, silverlight, java, etc.

    Has anyone else encountered this before?

    I’m nearing the point of handing this site off to the users that will be maintaining it, but I’d really like them to be able to upload media using the default method. These users will not be able to use a different browser, so I’d really like to sort this out.

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  • IT does not work in IE, you are correct.
    Not a bug or conflict, just not supported

    After reading through some of the information from when 3.3 was released, I was under the impression that only older versions of IE wouldn’t be supported. It won’t work in IE9 period?

    Not even the Select Files button?

    Just the drag and drop…. select files is fine

    Then can anyone help me understand why my Select Files button is disabled? I can see it, but clicking does nothing.

    Apologies, I missed that part of your question.

    I just opened my site in IE9, seems I have a different issue….
    MY button is completely black, but it works.

    in IE8, it is light grey, but clicking it functions just fine on my end.

    I’m not sure what the deal could be on your end. The browser uploader isn’t useable to them you don’t think? In IE there isn’t too much difference between the 2 I don’t think…

    Still be good to know what happened to your button….

    They can use the browser upload button, but that adds another step to a process that will already be new and difficult for many of them. Worst case scenario I can deal with that… It isn’t the end of the world, but as you said, I’d like to know why it won’t work.

    I just downloaded chrome and it works fine there. I’m frantically searching for anyone else with this issue and I’ve found this thread but it isn’t too helpful.

    I can’t see any errors in my browser either. I’m also one of those poor souls that is running this on IIS on a windows 2003 server.

    I just uninstalled Silverlight in an attempt to force Flash instead, and it worked. Reinstalled silverlight, and again, it was broken.

    Which got me to thinking that that so far this will be the first ever thing to run as a silverlight application on this webserver… so I probably need to add some mime types.

    So, I added the correct types, restarted iis,

    and success!!

    Well cool! Glad it worked!

    It would be nice if we could convince people to try new things… I just forced Google Chrome on my wife, who isn’t very net savvy. I would suggest it every time she had internet problems…. she finally tried it and everything just works. Sometimes we gotta show people the way eh?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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