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    Hi. I just upgraded to WP 2.3. In past versions, when I or another author had a draft in queue, I could see them from the manage page (right at the top above the posted articles). Now I have to click the “write post” link and go to that page before I can see the drafts. I could see them from this view before, but as the main editor of my blog, I am responsible for publishing drafts when they come in. However, I can’t see them unless I start a dummy post, which seems inefficient. I am noticing some other buggy stuff too, so I hope that this is not a “build” problem.

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  • Take a look at Manage->Posts, select Draft from the Status pulldown box, then click on the Filter button.

    Well, I’ll be damn… Thanks!

    But is there a way to get those to display as they used to without having to go through the extra step?

    I agree with prairieprog. I’d rather have “draft hell” than wonder where the hell my drafts went. They should at least add a visible link either in the navigation menu beside Posts or at least above the list to the tune of “looking for your drafts? click here”.

    The improved drafts suggestion has been implemented in 2.3 but I say there’s still much to improve about it. Can we open a new thread in the Ideas section?

    I am actually still experiencing this problem (WP 2.3.2).

    If I write a post, and click Save or Save and Continue Editing, the post does not show up in the Manage page, even when I filter by Drafts.

    If I then manually type the post ID into the edit post url, I am presented with the draft; if I then click Save or Save and Continue Editing a second time, the draft now does appear in the Manage page when filtering by Drafts.

    I’m sure I’ve lost several drafts this way, but I don’t want to iterate through a bunch of post IDs to find them.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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