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  • Upgraded from 2.7 RC2 to 2.7 this afternoon and I’m finding that drafts are not being saved automatically. Anyone else running into this problem or have any suggestions on how to alleviate the issue?

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  • I’ve been having problems with Saving Drafts since 2.5. The only workaround I’ve found is to first save the post as Private. Which is not very nice.

    With regard to 2.7, if I start a post, after a few moments I see “Saving Draft…” at the bottom right of the new post input form. It just stays that way. The Publish button periodically goes from grey to blue. Obviously Word Press is trying to save the Draft, but it is failing for some unknown reason.

    If I click to Save Draft, I’m sent to the list of posts. The draft is gone. Yay! That’s behavior been true since v2.5. And in spite of several posts here about this problem to the forums over the months, I’ve never seen any reply.

    There’s a lot of posts with this issue, and after looking for many hours for an answer I managed to figure out the solution. Hopefully this will help someone:

    • Open your Database
    • Open the Table Structure <Prefix>_Posts
    • Change the “Post_Content” table by removing the value for NOT NULL (Thereby allowing NULL values)
    • Save and try again

    I uploaded a picture and noticed that the database updated with the picture but not the post. The Post_content table was empty which lead me to this conclusion. After changing the above value everything started working.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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