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  • Plugin Author Zack Grossbart


    Thanks for using the Editorial Calendar. I’m sorry you’re running into trouble with it. Does the drafts drawer work for you on our test blog?

    Are there any errors in your JavaScript console when it doesn’t work?


    Thank you Zack.

    I do see 3 drafts into the test blog.

    BTW, I am using Chrome on a Mac, both latest versions.

    Should I try with a different browser?

    I did some other tries and found out that if I make a draft with the web interface, then it shows into the calendar. If I make it through myWPEdit, which is an offline wordpress editor for mac, it does not.

    While it does not, the js console shows that:

    Resetting to date from the edcal_Date cookie: Mon Oct 15 2012 00:00:00 GMT+0200 (CEST)

    Thank you for helping me out!


    tiziano solignani, da  Mac

    Plugin Author Zack Grossbart


    The calendar works fine with Chrome on Mac. I use that myself. I haven’t tried myWPEdit. When you make a draft with that tool does it show up in the calendar at all? If so, where does it show up?

    Drafts only show up in the calendar drafts drawer if they don’t have a date. If myWPEdit is setting a date for drafts then the posts should show up in the standard portion of the calendar.

    Now… the post created with myWPEdit shows into the calendar as [DRAFT] into its day of creation (I suppose), i.e. on 23th (yesterday) while the other draft, the one created via the wordpress web interface, shows into the draft’s browser.

    I noticed another difference between them. The post created with myWPEdit when viewed amongst the draft’s lists in wordpress sports a «standard» tag, which I guess is the post type (you have to choose a post type into myWPEdit before publishing the post), while the post created with wp web interface shows just nothing.

    I have no way to choose the post type into my edit menu, and I wonder why as well, otherwise I would have tried to change it and see.

    Thank you.

    Plugin Author Zack Grossbart


    That sounds like myWPEdit is just creating posts a little differently. That’s not really a bad thing, just different. You can always drag the posts you create there into the drafts drawer, but generally the drafts drawer only shows unscheduled posts.


    They are unscheduled, they are just drafts, I do not understand.

    Anyway, thank you I will keep on trying to see if I spot the matter.

    Thanks again.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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