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  • Bravo on getting 2.3 out guys. Well done.

    I seem to remember seeing a screen a few weeks ago during the “pending review” functionality discussions that showed the normal drafts section at the top of the “write screen.

    However, directly below this was a “pending review” heading with those posts that were pending review were filed under.

    Is there some way to get this functionality switched on so that I can see ALL of my posts (standard drafts as well as finished posts) on the write screen?

    I really love the idea of the pending review functionality as I oftern have a stack of completed posts and I have just been prefixing them with a couple of ** so that they stand out. It seems that the new system would work better for me if it was in place in the same way as I thought I had seen a few weeks ago.

    Any ideas? I’m kind of hoping that I’ve missed some little tickbox somewhere that I can simply switch on!

    Cheers for looking in.


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  • Just noticed that the functionality looks like it’s there in the edit-php file

    $my_drafts = get_users_drafts($user_ID);
    $pending = get_others_pending($user_ID);
    $others_drafts = get_others_drafts($user_ID);

    … I’m wondering if it only works with other users’ posts that are pending review with the admin. Trouble is, I’m the only user on my site…

    Any ideas? Maybe it’s an easy code change in that file?

    Anyone help?

    I’m still thinking that there must be something simple that I’m missing here…

    I have two pending posts, but only one appears on the write post screen. Earlier in the day, neither of them showed up. Looks like a bug to me!

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