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  • I think we need some more clarification to understand what the problem is.

    Which category is doing this? Is it only one post? If so, which post? Did you have this post in published status at any point?

    Are posts that are assigned to this category showing up on the main page, or only when you actually click to view the category archives?

    With that info, someone might be of more help… 🙂

    Thanks fruitfly.

    I have two categories on my main page that are in the sidebar, not the main page, called “elsewhere” and “speedreader” (you can check them out on When I post in WordPress in the draft stage, they show up when I hit “Save and continue editing” or just “save”. On the post page they appear to be in draft form, but as I said, they’re just showing up. I did a test and these appear to be the only two categories doing this — my main center column categories are working fine.

    I also attempted to load an image using the Ilimage plugin and then just the direct path in one post in this category and it didn’t work — another image that had been sized and created in the identical session did.

    In the category archives, they also show up as posted.

    Does that info help? I have more…. and if you can tell me where the relevant code for this would be on my index or whatever page it’s on in the control panel (I am not too technical, as you can see :)) I can post it here as well.

    It would appear that you are either using a plugin for asides that’s generating that, or the designer of your site put together a hack to pull those categories out to the side. Either way, I don’t think I’ll be able to help much, but I can try. If anyone else who knows more about how this works would like to jump in here, please do!

    About all I can probably help with is that in looking at your source code I see a line that says <!-- category-based link loop --> just above those sections.

    If you can find the file that contains that comment, you can find the code that generates this. However, you’re probably going to need to know a bit of PHP to be able to do anything with it in terms of fixing it. The only references I was able to find in searching for that are bits and pieces of conversations from 2 years ago… and none were very helpful.

    Any long timers around here who know what that is / how to fix the issue?

    I’m thinking it was a hack put in by your designer, and he or she may be able to help you more… I can’t tell what version of WP you’re using, but it looks to be an older one (it’s using wp-layout.css instead of a theme based style.css, and if I’m remembering right, WP 1.2?), so it’s not something that’s going to be fresh in a lot of people’s brains.

    This is one of those problems that without digging into your actual code will be hard to solve. Sorry I can’t be of more help…

    No, that’s okay. Could it have something to do wiht the upgrade maybe? I hvae the last upgrade, 1.5 — I only haven’t done the 2.0. They seriously used to work, so this is new as of yesterday, and I see somewhere else that weird stuff is happening.

    It could very well be related to an upgrade. That’s one of the problems with using code that’s not part of the core – when you upgrade, you face the possibility of it breaking. Not that I’m saying you shouldn’t – it’s just one of those things, you know?

    There’s probably a way to do what you want in the newer versions, it’s just that the way it was done before isn’t working. I’ll admit that this is a little over my head though. I keep hoping someone else will jump in here to help you who knows how to… anyone?

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