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  • Nice looking. Keep it up./

    Ony thing that would bug me is the ubiquitous green arrows that pop up next links on mouseover.

    Maybe replace them with a splatter image or similar?

    oh, and maybe put a little bit more focus on the content, like put it in a box or give it a border.

    I really like the distressed look, I think you played it just right, it’s too easy to go overboard with the splatters

    I agree, I think lose the green arrows, they don’t match the lovely banner at all.

    Good luck with the site!




    When I look at the different areas, Im led to believe that you had an idea when you started out, but that you got sidetracked with other ideas as you worked on that, and the mishmash that resulted doesn’t work for me.

    For example ,the “recent articles” bit — thats looks totally out of place, given the design.

    I also dont care for the movies and music thing in the footer. Theres nothing intuitive to be had there. The images dont link to anything that offers anything up about you.. and, to me, they look like filler for space that you looked at and though, “hmmm what can I put there??” 😛

    Hey guys, thanks for the constructive criticism! I don’t agree about the arrows or the mishmashing (that’s exactly what I wanted), but I thank you for taking a look.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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