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    I don’t think I am utilizing wooCommerce properly for handling my MP3-file purchases. A customer can go through the whole process of making a payment via PayPal but after woocommerce says the payment/order is pending, and the MP3 files can’t be accessed until I go into the orders page and approve/complete the order. Obviously, this annoys all of my customers. What am I doing wrong here?

    Much appreciated.

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  • This is the expected behavior. Downloads are not available until an order is marked Processing or Completed. So check your payment gateway for issues in receiving a PayPal IPN request ( which is the mechanism used by PayPal to notify your site that payment is successful ).

    Is something that will need to be fixed on the wordpress/wooCommerce side or PayPal side?

    I have the same issue.
    The order actually says the IPN has been rec’d yet the order is still set to Pending.
    Having said that, I notice there’s a pile of additional Pending Statuses that are in the list such as Pending-53 – is that an old carry over from previous installations that could be causing this problem?

    I too am having this issue. I can’t see any addtional settings to make this work properly either in Woo or in PayPal.

    I’m also having this issue. It did work befor though. Now therr is no download link anymore. WP 3.5.1 and WooC 2.0.9

    Please, help. The customer get their download link only when the administrator has clicked the order processing or complete. This was not like this before and is not desirable.

    Agreed. It would be nice if someone who knew what was going on (ie. Team) would respond to our concerns.

    It could be due to any number of issues. We haven’t had to debug this ourselves yet, so we don’t have a recommendation for you.

    Have you filed a support request at WooThemes or filed an issue in the GitHub issue tracker for WooCommerce?

    I have posted it at guthub and hope this gets us some help. I will uninstall woocommerce and reinstall it.

    This is not a bug in WooCommerce core, so I have closed issues on our issues tracker.

    If you have order status terms like pending-3 or any other status with any numeric value appended to it, it is likely a conflict with another plugin or theme that we can’t really fix. Nonetheless are we going to harden our code a bit to prevent more of these cases. This is planned for version 2.1 which will be the next point release of our plugin.

    If this is not the case, read our documentation about solving IPN issues to make sure your IPN requests work.

    Also important for these cases is that your website is publicly available, has no maintenance mode or similar plugin active, for IPN to work.

    Hi Coen,

    thank you for your answer. Where would I find the order status terms like pending-3?

    My site is public, there are several plugin activ. But it did work befor the last update of WP and WooC.

    You can find all the order statuses and their slugs on the System Status page, found under the WooCommerce menu in your WordPress admin panel.

    I’ve been using WooCommerce fine for physical products, but just trying to get it set up for downloadable products. I’ve checked all the order statuses/slugs and they are all standard (no numeric values appended to any of them)

    The order status is ‘completed’ the Order Notes says ‘Order status changed from pending to completed.’ and that’s all working automatically as it does with physical product purchases.

    However the ‘Downloadable Product Permissions’ are not updating and it has to be done manually from the drop down menu to grant access. Should this not be happening automatically?

    Just gone through the WooCommerce Core Functions and realised that when I’d originally set up the site I’d commented out some downloadable product code! Doh!!!

    Well, I just checked and I have order statuses for pending all the way up to (pending-6284) so there’s an obvious conflict somewhere.

    Any idea how to [1] clear them out and [2] determine the plugin that’s in conflict?

    I’m wanting to do some immediate product advertising promotion and this is a sticking point at the moment.

    Any pointers would be great.

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