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  1. KSchmidt
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I soon will be moving further in to the Wisconsin boondocks where high speed internet will be inaccessible to me. While I want to continue working with WordPress, I have realized that I quite frequently visit the WordPress codex while working to read documentation, and have a feeling this may be a problem when working in the future.

    Option A has been for me to go to every single page on the codex individually and save them to my computer while I still have internet access on a regular basis. I know I'm going to miss quite a few, and this would take countless hours of painstaking work, but I was thinking that there is got to be an easier way, and that someone else may have had this problem.

    Is anyone aware of a complete selection of the Codex that is available for download? I understand that it is constantly being updated, and its not an ideal idea, but I'll take what I can get.

    If there is not, my mind wanders to a Python script I stumbled across a while ago which would create a directory of all internal links on a website, say something like codex.wordpress.org. If this is possible, would it not also be possible to write such a script to automate what I have been doing - saving individual pages to my computer - thereby speeding up the process, and making sure I don't miss anything?

    *Any* help on any of the above mentioned fronts would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Maybe use this link: http://phpdoc.wordpress.org/trunk/

    Then review the code locally from a complete download. Although it may not have the same layout, search, and sample documentation found in the codex it has a great deal of potential.

  3. KSchmidt
    Posted 5 years ago #

    YOU are my hero!

    But.... but.... How would I save such a thing? D: (Yes I'm an idiot)

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