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  • I have copied the info url into the indicated space but when I click on download, the text of the link appears and it has to be clicked on in order to initiate the video.

    So I tried linking the video url directly into the by creating a link but that still left clicking on the link to make it work.

    I know I am not alone in trying to understand this problem. I closed my computer, deleted the cookies, and now I can’t even get the share function to work from the youtube end.

    Finally, why have an add video button if it doesn’t work?

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  • rhbee

    personally i have not tried to use the “new” video button as i have heard many complaints about it but if you don’t mind using a plugin i found a great one for YouTube vids called
    “WP YouTube”

    here’s the link:

    it works great in that you don’t need the whole embed code all you need is the YouTube ID. Of course you need to configure it for your blog but it is easy. It is the best way i have found yet to add YouTube vids.

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