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  • Hi there!

    Today I realized that in the reports DM is showing less downloads on the reports section than the all downloads list… is that possible?
    (or the opposite… it is showing a lot more in the All downloads sections… no idea…)

    For example, I have 1 download (it is a pdf file), in the All download section, Downloads column… it shows 3064
    And if I go to the reports sections (changing the date to have all the downloads) it shows: 1469 Times downloaded…

    How is that possible? wich one is the correct value?

    Is this happening to anyone else there?

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  • Plugin Support beatrice12


    Hello @luuuciano,

    Thank you for reaching out to us!

    Unfortunately we are unable to reproduce this on our end. Would you mind showing us a picture with :
    – The entire column in the download section ( including publishing date )
    – The downloadable files/versions metabox expanded
    – The reports date with 1 day before the publishing date of the download
    – The console to see if any errors appeared .

    Thank you,

    Thread Starter luuuciano


    Thanks a lot Beatrice!

    The console is the log section?

    Below a link to all those files… the log as csv file… I have been looking at the log file, and it seems that the download number from it it is the one that is showed at the report section… not the one on the downloads list & metabox expanded…
    Why? have no idea…

    Any idea?

    Plugin Support beatrice12


    Hello @luuuciano,

    Thank you for the files you send us! It helped out a lot!

    On the download page , the download count is store in the post_meta . On the reports page the download count is based on the download log . The discrepancy that might’ve occured is that either the log was modified , deleted or an incident of the sorts. For the time being , the correct number is located in the “All Downloads” page because that number gets updated and stored in the post_meta everytime a log entry appears and is not dependant on the log. We are very sorry for this inconvinience and we will rectify this in a future update . I have send this issue to our development team .


    Thread Starter luuuciano


    Oh, but that is a problem… we use the report section to do date filtering and see that is going on with files, promotions, etc… even to see “old” information, years back (or weeks, months back)…
    No idea why the logs got deleted, but maybe you can use two separated tables for that information?

    If not if we delete the logs (or logs are deleted for x reason), we loose all the report information?

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    Plugin Support raldea89


    Hello @luuuciano ,

    Information is stored in 2 separate tables, one for the logs ( stored in download_log table ) and the other for the post meta ( stored in postmeta table ). The logs are used for reports because they contain far more information than we store in the post meta, and we use this technique because we do not want to overpopulate the postmeta table with information that users may or may not want ( the logs are optional and each download log is stored as a separate entry in the table ).

    Yes, upon deleting the logs you will loose the data for the report information. As you said, you want to see reports of downloads based on date filtering, maybe you want to see from which browser visitors usually arrive and so on… if we’d put this whole info in the postmeta for each download post type then the database would be huge and the information processing would take a lot longer.

    Hope this clears the confusion around the logs and reports, and if there’s anything else we can help you with please let us know.

    Kind Regards!

    Thread Starter luuuciano


    Hi there again!
    Today I have seen that numbers in reports continue changing… I have saved the october download list, and had 5858 downloads… now a couple of days later I did the same (october month, from 1st to 31th) and it shows 5265….

    There is any way to not loose this information? what kind of proccess (or I have no idea what) may be deleting logs? can this information be stored somewhere, were it is not deleted?

    Without this information properly stored the report are useless… who wants to search/use incorrect information?

    PD: again… because of this ALL the past information is useless, we can not use reports to make statistics… the only thing it seems to work are the totals of each item (and nothing more)

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