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    Hi there,
    When I put a file from cloud like GDrive, after download the file extension changes to nothing and just shows UC.

    Any recommendation!

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    I’m sorry, but it’s unlikely you’ll be able to link a file directly from cloud (for example Google Drive).

    The problem is that the cloud system does not have a direct file download, but usually an interface.

    Here’s how direct file download works:
    – /website/filename.jpg
    – download file (so the browser downloads the file)

    how cloud file download works:
    – /cloud/filename
    – cloud interface
    – download button, or download action
    – download file (so the browser downloads the file)

    Due to cloud interface operation, it is not possible to link a file from the cloud in this plugin.

    You may specifically need to look for a cloud manager WordPress plugin.

    Thank you for your explanation but the same link works easily with another plugin like

    You can try the following link for example (which is direct):


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    Ah, I think I found the problem and I can fix it.

    It may take some time before I can upload the patch. I have to test it many times.

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    Yeah, so the problem:

    Lana Downloads Manager works by forcing the file to download.
    – local file -> force download
    – remote file (url/image.jpg) -> force download
    – remote file (url/cloud) -> force download (this causes a filename error)

    Simple Download Monitor
    – local file -> force download
    – remote file (url/image.jpg) -> only redirect to it, so can’t force download (just opens the image)
    – remote file (url/cloud) -> only redirect, but the cloud forces the download, so it works

    I’m trying to find some solution for the plugin to recognize the cloud.

    Thanks Lana,
    I’m looking forward to any updates.


    Plugin Author Lana Codes


    @rahjou I made the requested upgrade.

    Now, if all goes well, the plugin can manage Google Drive file name/extension.

    In this version:
    Lana Downloads Manager 1.4.0

    Please test it. And if you have any comments or advice, feel free to contact me.



    @lanacodes I have tested in many different ways and also with different link types, works perfect.

    About the new idea, I am currently cooking up an idea and a way to express it, I will write at the first opportunity.

    I appreciate your continued support.

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    You’re welcome. I also thank you for the bug report.

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