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  • Hi, I downloaded ,
    C:\Program Files\wordpress-3.5.1\wordpress
    C:\Program Files\wordpress-3.5.1.tar\wordpress
    I can’t figure out what else to do with this to get it loaded onto my hard-drive and start it functioning, please advise me what to do next, or should I delete and start over??Please help me. Thanks,
    regards Don

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  • If you want to use WordPress on your local computer, you need to set up a hosting environment first – see:

    Hi WPyogi, THANKS,mrmoxy/ Don

    Hi WPyogi,how I ended up with windows web platform installer 4.5? is this the same as codex,help, it is on my hard drive, don’t know what to do next. Please AND MANY TANX mrmoxy/Don

    HELP, WPyogi have not heard from you, SOMEONE ,help.
    I downloaded this: from the same page, …it’s called
    Easy 5 Minute WordPress Installation on Windows
    Download, install, and configure WordPress with the Microsoft Web Platform Installer (Web PI). Installation is very easy and takes on average about 5 minutes to complete.

    I thought when I went to the page you suggested above, and saw this, it was the same thing, so I downloaded, then tried downloading wp 351, should i uninstall windows versions and install this? from what you suggested at
    please advise me if you have time, totally lost.thanks, /mrmoxy/don

    I’m sorry you have not been helped here, but everyone helping is a volunteer so people come and go as they have time. I don’t use Windows so I can’t really advise you on installing WP on a Windows machine. But I have heard that Instant WordPress is easy to use, so maybe that would be a good thing to try.

    WPyogi, I am indebted, thanks, will try. regards mrmoxy/don

    Moderator Jose Castaneda



    If you are using Windows one of two things to use come to mind: XAMPP or WAMPP

    Both are pretty easy installs and quick to setup as well. The biggest bit of advice is to read the documentation.

    Tanx, good advice, will do, mrmoxy/don

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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