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    Hello. I’ve been trying to create a downloadable products post form for a week now. I would like users to publish downloadable products, but the problem is that I don’t know the correct meta_key of the downloadable products so that they are then available in WooCommerce for download via a link. I have already seen the question with the price, and your screenshot https://monosnap.com/file/jESwutPy6qygMOy3jSJ54tuIBxgbno. But I still can’t. Sorry to bother you. And if something is not clear, I will write a post again, since I used automatic translation from Russian.

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    Hello @yliya14 !

    Hope you’re doing well today!

    I’ve checked how to do that in the case of a downloadable product and I see that there are some fields which can be added easily using the method I’ve explained in the other ticket (like setting the _downloadable field to yes etc.), but there’s one field _downloadable_files which contains more data than just the link to the file (it’s a serialised array) so it can’t be easily added from the form settings.

    However, it should be possible to do that using a snippet which will convert the data from the Upload field to the required data in WooCommerce. I’ve already requested our Second Line Support team to take a look and see if they can prepare such snippet for you. Once we hear back from them we’ll share the details here.

    Kind regards,

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    Thanks. I will be waiting for an answer! Even if it doesn’t work, please write here that it’s not possible.

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    Hello there @yliya14

    Our devs provided a simple customization via the following code that can be used as a MU-plugin (https://wpmudev.com/docs/using-wordpress/installing-wordpress-plugins/#installing-mu-plugins):

    add_action( 'forminator_post_data_field_post_saved',  'wpmudev_auto_add_downloadable_file', 10, 4);
    function wpmudev_auto_add_downloadable_file( $post_id, $field, $data, $cls ){
    	$product = wc_get_product( $post_id );
    	// Get downloads (if there is any)
        $downloads = (array) $product->get_downloads(); 
        // Only added once (avoiding repetitions
        if( sizeof($downloads) == 0 ){
            // Get post upload data
            $thumb_url = get_post_meta( $post_id, 'upload-1', true );
    			// Prepare download data
    			$file_title = basename($thumb_url);
    			$file_md5   = md5($thumb_url);
    			$download  = new WC_Product_Download(); // Get an instance of the WC_Product_Download Object
    			// Set the download data
    			$downloads[$file_md5] = $download; // Insert the new download to the array of downloads
    			$product->set_downloads($downloads); // Set new array of downloads
    			$product->set_downloadable('yes'); // To set the product type as downloadable

    To make the code work you will need to create an upload field and map it in the postdata custom fields like the following images:

    With the code we are setting the product as downloadable here $product->set_downloadable('yes'); and the rest of the code is to set the download for the product.

    Thank you,

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    Thank you very much! Everything worked out! You are the best!

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