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    I am trying to set up my client’s store and under the pressure of time. The products are downloadable files. However, under the settings, the Max Upload limit is stating as being 8Mb. However, the files being offered (and needing uploading) are much larger than that.

    What can I do to circumvent that? I love everything else about the plug-in…just not that!

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  • Plugin Author Mihai Joldis


    Contact your hosting provider to increase the limit.
    Its set by your hosting and not by WPEC. WP e-Commerce just uses whatever the serer has available for your domain.


    I don’t understand. I can upload the exact same file via FTP. So how the limit be 8Mb in WordPress?

    Uploads via FTP are essentially ‘unmetered’ – it’s the front end download resources which are controlled by the parameter. I believe you need to contact your hosting provider to get this resource issue resolved.


    1) Install and activate:
    2) Upload your large files to a directory of choice on your WordPress installation via FTP or means other than your web browser
    3) Go to your WordPress installation: Settings > Add From Server

    The bottom line is you need to circumvent your PHP memory limit, so upload large files via FTP. When you upload via FTP, WordPress had no idea the file exists, so you need “Add From Server” to add the files to your database.

    Now you can browse for existing files within your media browser on WordPress.


    Plugin Author Mihai Joldis


    The 8MB is the limit set to Browser Uploads, the ones you select a file from PC and its uploaded.

    FTP is directly into the server and is not affected by that limit.


    Thanks for the help. It makes sense. I could upload the files via Dreamweaver but this makes things more contained.

    There is a new issue that I am not sure is related. I can now see the file that I want to set for that product when I select “Use existing file” which I could never see. I check that one. However, when I click the “select product” button, it does not work. Instead it simply “jumps” to the top of the box and so will not activate.

    This may be a CSS or JS issue. Any comments on THAT.

    I am SOOOOOO close to being successful at getting this resolved, it is frustrating!


    I’m having the same issue with the ‘use existing file’ feature.

    I am sooooooo glad that I am not alone!!! 😀

    Is there are fix?????



    I would check for plugin or theme conflict. I have just tested the “existing file” feature and it works fine.

    To test for plugin or theme conflict.

    1. disable all plugins other than the store plugin
    2. enable a default wordpress theme such as 2013
    3. go to Settings > Store > Presentation and click “Flush Theme Cache”
    4. Clear your browser cache

    Now test the functionality of adding an existing file.


    No plugin conflict here, testing on a fresh install with only this plugin. I’ll try other browsers perhaps.

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