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download uploaded content

  • Hi!
    I have decided to move my blog from a mu-environment to a manually installed version on my own domain. All my contents I have been able to extract to an xml file and the import function ran smoothly.

    Now, I also want to secure my uploaded contents (ie images) before I say goodbye to the old webhost to stand on my own legs. But I find no smoothe way to do this. The images are in the structure
    http://myblog.domain.se/files… and then on you know the structure year/month/ and the actual images. I want to keep this structure, and I want to download all images, but my old webhost gives no ftp access to this multiuser blog environment, and I really can’t sit there and “rightclick->save as” on each image hoping to get them all in the correct folder when I save it…

    Is there a smooth way to download images in this way since I know the url? It may just be a virtual path, not the actual ftp structure, but I don’t think it matters?

    I hope you understand my problem..


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  • something like this, you mean?


    A simple google search nets all kinds of similar tools.

    You could use an offline browser, like BackStreet browser… It downloads all files. And then you’d have your uploaded directory…

    But somehow, I feel like there should be a plugin for this…

    Re-import the XML from old site.
    After you choose the XML file, a new panel will appear with options – Assign Authors and Import Attachments.
    Click on Download and import file attachments under Import Attachments. All posts which you have successfully imported will show “post already imported” but the file attachments will be downloaded and imported now as well.

    i provided a link to an offline browser (its in the askimet queue due to the link) but your solution looks better, mercime.

    Mercime, I tried that first but there are two problems, first it times out when there are only 10 or so pictures copied (tried to set the server timeout time manually but no difference, probably running in safe mode?). Sure I COULD refresh that page a hundred or so times until they are all copied, but it is time consuming AND there is problem number two –
    the pictures copied in this way are somehow distorted, the file extension is jpg, but it will not open for viewing in any image editor (including pbrush) or online. I don’t know what it does to them but the images are somehow damaged. I haven’t seen this before.

    So, I will look into that offline browsing thing if no other option is easier. Will the offline browser copy down the same catalogue structure though? Or will it just save everything in one big mess like internet explorer uses it’s temp/”recent files” folder?

    Not to change your mind re your decision, but for the record:
    Your problem #1: ask webhost service to increase max_file_upload size or increase it in php.ini if you have access
    Your problem #2: not one of all the media files I imported via XML in different installations from WPMU to WP or WP to WPMU have been distorted. Change theme design to default theme because it might be your theme codes or new image-resizers which might be distorting the photos.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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