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  • Where can download the Spring Fairy theme? I like create blogging site for my little niece. She likes this very much, I have search many places but cannot find one to download this theme. Thanks

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    Unfortunately, Lilac Pixels has removed the Spring Fairy theme. The following message is from their themes page:

    “The Spring Fairy theme has been removed. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience. If you would like me to custom create a theme for you similar to the Spring Fairy (different graphic) please email me at callistawolf at I will only charge $30 for a template redesign if you would like a theme laid out exactly like the Spring Fairy design or $60 for a custom blog design made from scratch. Thank you for your patience and sorry again.”

    There are, of course, plenty of other themes available. Here are some of the various lists:

    $30 bucks per install? That’s pretty expensive…
    What does the theme look like? Anyone has a screenshot?

    <i>$30 bucks per install? That’s pretty expensive…
    What does the theme look like? Anyone has a screenshot?</i>

    Come on – 20 hours for the design etc.

    At the same time – what is the situation where users HAVE downloaded the theme, and if it’s under GNU/GPL ( I don’t know if it is), could it still be distirbuted. I;m not encouraging anything like this. But it is a bit odd.

    The graphic of the fairy was unfortunately *not* a GPL picture – it was from an online stock photo library (I forget which one, but it’s linked in the comments on Alex King’s blog somewhere) and is not allowed to be distributed in the way that it was. But if you want to see it in action, check 😉

    As I understood the license for the picture, it is not allowed to be distributed, but it is allowed to be used for a blog. If anyone finds the link to the library it came from and reads legal better than I do, feel free to double-check that.

    Jinsan: I’m aware of how much effort goes into making a theme, as I have made one myself. But selling it $30 bucks apiece is still not justified since s/he is not selling only one copy of it. I doubt anyone will pay for it, especially when there’re so many free alternatives around.

    It’s pretty much like the browser market. Opera is nice, but who’s gonna pay for it when free alternatives like Firefox is just as good.

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    I think the money is for licensing the image used in the theme.

    I think $30 is a little high, but I might get that theme for her because it match her personality. Well she is only 8 years old in third grade school. I hope that blogging will encourge her to keep a daily journal that she can share with her classmates.

    If you read her disclaimer, she said $30 to recreate the layout with another image/images.

    The $30 is not for licensing the fairy image used in the original theme, it’s to recreate the theme with a *different* image.

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    Yes, thank you for pointing that out … again. It is now clear that the $30 charge is for a design similar to Spring Fairy, but with a different graphic. Anyone else care to repeat that again?

    I do! I do! 😉

    Sorry, couldn’t resist…

    🙂 🙂

    The Spring Fairy image is a vector image offered at There are others by the same artist/contributor available. I got my hand slapped by them when they revised their usage terms many months back.

    Even if you are not selling the templates, but merely “giving them away,” no images or other resources from can be used in a distributed template. They can of course be used for a one of a kind design, which is I believe is what the designer is offering for the $30. $30 is not a lot of money to charge to rework a template.

    If you strike out on your own to design and distribute WordPress themes (or any other templates or designs to be distributed to the public at large), be very careful where you download from. Not all stock image groups permit them for use in templates; and in fact, I believe only a handful do. StockXchange ( is the only one I can think of off the top of my head that permits this.

    I posted an exhaustive list of image repositories awhile back. Search under LESSON if you wish to find it.

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    Thanks for the tip on StockXchange.

    A veritable cacophany of vector art resources:

    (Scroll over to Vector Clip-art and enjoy!)

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