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  • Plugin Contributor Sean Davis


    Can you please go to Downloads -> Tools -> System Info and paste the information here? Please don’t change anything about your site before you paste it. I need to see it as-is. Thanks.

    Thread Starter ignasyona


    ### Begin System Info ###

    — Site Info

    Site URL:
    Home URL:
    Multisite: No

    — Hosting Provider

    Host: DBH: localhost, SRV:

    — User Browser

    Platform: Windows
    Browser Name: Firefox
    Browser Version: 51.0
    User Agent String: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WO
    W64; rv:51.0) Gecko/20100101 Fir

    — WordPress Configuration

    Version: 4.7.3
    Language: en_US
    Permalink Structure: /%postname%/
    Active Theme: Musik 2.3.2
    Show On Front: page
    Page On Front: Discover (#153)
    Page For Posts: Unset
    ABSPATH: /home/gospeltu/public_html/
    Remote Post: wp_remote_post() works
    Table Prefix: Length: 3 Status: Acceptable
    WP_DEBUG: Disabled
    Memory Limit: 40M
    Registered Post Stati: inactive, active, processing, abandoned, revoked, failed, refunded, inherit, auto-draft, trash, private, pending, draft, future, publish

    — EDD Configuration

    Version: 2.7.5
    Upgraded From: 2.7.4
    Test Mode: Disabled
    AJAX: Enabled
    Guest Checkout: Enabled
    Symlinks: Disabled
    Download Method: Direct
    Currency Code: USD
    Currency Position: before
    Decimal Separator: .
    Thousands Separator: ,
    Upgrades Completed: upgrade_payment_taxes,upgrade_customer_payments_association,upgrade_user_api_keys,remove_refunded_sale_logs

    — EDD Page Configuration

    Checkout: Valid
    Checkout Page:
    Success Page:
    Failure Page:
    Downloads Slug: /music

    — EDD Gateway Configuration

    Enabled Gateways: None

    — EDD Tax Configuration

    Taxes: Disabled
    Tax Rate: 0
    Display On Checkout: Not Displayed
    Prices Include Tax: No

    — WordPress Active Plugins

    Anti-spam: 4.3
    Basic User Avatars: 1.0.3
    BuddyPress: 2.8.1
    Easy Digital Downloads: 2.7.5
    Favorites: 1.2.3
    Widget Importer & Exporter: 1.4.5
    WordPress Importer: 0.6.3
    WP Super Cache: 1.4.9
    Yoast SEO: 4.4

    — WordPress Inactive Plugins

    Akismet Anti-Spam: 3.3
    Hello Dolly: 1.6

    — Webserver Configuration

    PHP Version: 5.6.30
    MySQL Version: 5.6.35
    Webserver Info: Apache

    — PHP Configuration

    Safe Mode: Disabled
    Memory Limit: 256M
    Upload Max Size: 200M
    Post Max Size: 8M
    Upload Max Filesize: 200M
    Time Limit: 30
    Max Input Vars: 1000
    Display Errors: N/A
    PHP Arg Separator: &

    — PHP Extensions

    cURL: Supported
    fsockopen: Supported
    SOAP Client: Installed
    Suhosin: Not Installed

    — Session Configuration

    EDD Use Sessions: Enabled
    Session: Enabled
    Session Name: PHPSESSID
    Cookie Path: /
    Save Path:
    Use Cookies: On
    Use Only Cookies: On

    ### End System Info ###

    Plugin Contributor Sean Davis


    Can you completely clear WP Super Cache caches and then temporarily deactivate all plugins besides EDD to test once more? You can immediately reactivate everything after testing. But I need it all to be deactivate when you test.


    Thread Starter ignasyona


    I did that but no any changes happens. I still experience the same problem…

    Need your help bro…


    Plugin Contributor Sean Davis


    Go to Downloads -> Settings -> Misc (tab) -> File Downloads (section) and change the Download Method setting from Forced to Redirect.

    Then test again. Does that resolve the issue?

    Thread Starter ignasyona


    Nothing Resolved!

    I still need help about this issue


    Plugin Contributor Sean Davis


    Alright I need to log into your site at this point.

    Please open a ticket here:

    Address the ticket to Sean. Before opening the ticket, create an admin account on your site for sean @ Then once I get the ticket I will log into your site and troubleshoot directly.

    Thread Starter ignasyona


    Hello this is the message i got from my hosting service provider concerning my problem

    “As the download on the link you provided is triggered by PHP code, this might be causing the problem. Please check your plugins/code and test with direct link from the server ( as it can be seen clearly that the downloaded file is 7.44MB. If you had a direct link from the server, there would be nothing that could stop the download. Let us know if you need anything else.”

    Sill i need support on this….

    Plugin Contributor Sean Davis


    Hi @ignasyona,

    I’m replying to you now on your EDD site ticket.

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