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  • atm its broken for me with the last update. My zips were fine until the update and now they are not downloading correctly. The files in the uploads section are working perfectly when I get them from FTP. IT is the plugin that is messing up.

    Plugin Author Shaon


    hmm, but we didn’t change anything around download code in last update. Could be something with your server

    Having the same problem.

    Any solutions?

    Unless we all have host gator… Then I don’t see why our servers would magically start doing this.
    My .cs files download fine. It is just the .zip files through WordPress Download Manager. I have one file that is not in the uploads directory. If you use it with this product the file comes back as corrupt. If I just type in the URL it downloads fine (not using your wpdmact=process&did=MTIuaG90bGluaw==)

    I use Bluehost. I tried disabling my W3 Total Cache plugin and that allowed the file to download, then it said the zipped file was invalid.

    WP-Filebase is downloading the zip files just fine. Although the don’t use the scrambled using the wpdmact=process&did=MTIuaG90bGluaw== function.
    However, I don’t like that plugin as much as yours

    apparently there is an offending plugin….. I am on the hunt to see what it is…

    For some reason it is working now. Re-enabled all plugins I was using before…. So I don’t know what happened. But it did happen during the upgrade.

    I have a similar and big problem! I used free version and everything was fine. Did a bandpage for some friends at a price I should normally kill myself for… then the page went online and pressmembers wanted to review CD I had uploaded in *.zip file not knowing it doesn’t work. Now I’m in big trouble, tried fix it all night even BOUGHT pro version.

    Pro Version is very different and only said Access Denied for all files when I tried to download them. So that doesn’t work for me and there is no other similar download plug-in that would fullfill that.


    Plugin Author Shaon


    @helloweenie, post your issue at pro forum in our site or contact live support, there you just need to set it up properly

    The issue with free version seemd to be because of the server who always broke of to big files during the download, then the archive didn’t end correctly.

    I keep on using regular version for that page and will later get deeper into the pro version, I think that can be awesome as well and will have another press area then for another bandpage.


    hi i am using gallery images in my site with nexgen gallery,and also used the nexgen custom fields plugin for url or any other custom field,but i had now problem now,i want to download software,games,movies and songs with linking to url of these images means by clicking on custom url link,is it possible with this plugin.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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