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  • Hi all!

    I have been successfully using Download Monitor for a year now and LOVE it! I switched my blog to a new server and downloads are not working. To make sure downloads worked smoothly, I basically installed the plugin and imported the downloads through the ADD DIRECTORY option within Download Monitor.


    I have checked all permissions and they are all set to 755, including downloads.php and download_monitor.php.

    I have resaved all permalinks

    I have checked my .htaccess file and it’s all good

    I have pasted the actual URL of the download into my browser and it works

    I’ve pasted the actual URL of my uploads folder into my browser and it brings up a blank page as expected

    Please help! I feel like I’ve tried everything!

    Any help would be MUCH appreciated!


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  • Mike


    Navigate to download.php directly; do you get a 404 or anything?

    If you don’t get a 404, there are some debugging bits commented out in download.php – if you uncomment that block of code it may reveal the problem.

    I do get a 404 error.

    Sorry! Misread your post!

    When I navigate to the download.php file I DO NOT get a 404 error message but I do get a “Download Does Not Exist” message.

    How do I go about ‘uncommenting’ the code?



    Line 484 of download.php, remove

    /* Debug

    and the closing */

    This should output some paths when you click a download – may reveal the problem.

    I deleted the portion of code, but when I try to download it still generates a 404 error. When I navigate to the download.php file, I get the same “Download Does Not Exist” message.

    I’m having the same problem. The download url is missing the wordpress install directory, it’s starting one directory below:
    instead of:



    Hmm, okay added to bug list.

    I will try to do some more troubleshooting into this, for example I haven’t turned off other plugins to check for conflicts. In an effort to get back up and running, I removed the Download Moniter, and then deleted the tables. When I reinstalled the same problem presented itself, but now I am using the “force download” option on each download – which is working (although it didn’t prior to the removal).

    I’ll try selecting ‘Force Download’. Thanks, Dave!

    Other than that, are there any other options? If it has been added to the bug list, what does that mean? Should I stop using Download Monitor?

    ‘FORCE DOWNLOAD’ works!!!

    Now I have another question: there is a disclaimer when you select ‘FORCE DOWNLOAD’ that it may not work for some people. If I have my files all hosted myself, how much of a problem is this? If it’s going to be a major problem I don’t want to use it! If it’s really not an issue, I’ll go ahead and select ‘Force Download’ for all my files.

    BTW, is there a faster way to do it than to edit each download individually?

    I used the bulk action and it has changed all the downloads to ‘Force Download’. Sweet =)

    Still wondering about the stability and reliability of using the ‘Force Download’ function!

    I wouldn’t stop using it if it’s working now. I don’t know what the ‘force download’ option really does, but I don’t think your going to risk breaking anything. It appeared to me that it would probably only work if you were hosting your files. I would imagine it either works on your server or it doesn’t. Time will tell 😉

    I just wish I knew at what point in time it stopped working for me, it would be far easier to troubleshoot.



    Just to clear up the matter, FORCE DOWNLOAD basically uses PHP to read the file and output it, rather than just redirecting to the file. This allows us to make sure files are downloaded instead of opened.

    The disclaimer is there because it does not work with remotely hosted files; files on your own server are fine.

    About the bugs your both getting; Im guessing its down to using bloginfo url or wpurl – I need to investigate more, and make sure that fixing yours does not break anyone elses.

    Dave it would be useful to know which part of download.php is serving the broken links – if you could debug then that would be grand. To do so you can put comments in download.php.

    On line 629 if you put :

    echo 1; exit;

    and try a non-forced download then it will tell me that the bottom part is redirecting to the download if you get a blank screen with ‘1’ on it. The code in question has a ‘get_bloginfo(‘url’)’ in it and could be the cause.

    Today I had a different problem involving my php.ini file (it was missing and had a minimum upload of 10mb). I fixed that problem and all my ‘FORCE DOWNLOAD’ files no longer worked. They could be downloaded, but could not be unzipped on a PC computer after downloading.

    But, all the files I had added yesterday suddenly worked! Even though I did not have force download selected.

    I have now gone through all my downloads and uploaded the files again for each download and everything is back to normal.

    I have no clue why or how, but am very pleased that it’s all ok and thought you might like a bit more info on the problem.


    Sorry for the delay on the debug – yes, it returned the 1.

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