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  • Upload a file via the plugin with a password and count enabled and the file does not appear in the Media list in the plugin page. Uploads and appears in the ftp site under site/wp-content/uploads/download-manager-files. Embed code doesn’t work.

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  • I agree also. I recently updated WordPress to 3.1, and now whenever I upload a file it shows up in FTP, but doesn’t list it in my list of files to use for download. The number doesn’t change in the list of current downloadable files. Doing a direct link obviously voids the reason for using the plugin.

    I should also say, great plugin btw! Nice job! 🙂 That’s why i was bummed when it stopped working with the upgrade. Whenever you can fix this that would be most appreciated, thank you sooooo much!!! 🙂

    Plugin Author Shaon


    hello guys, i would like to check your blog personally to fix the issue. As i’m not facing it. anyhow I got a db conflict issues. Now it resolved and plugin updated. Pls try with new update and let me know..

    I can get it to work on one of my sites ( but not the other ( Is there a place I can PM you and give you a login?

    Plugin Author Shaon


    This has been a great, simple plugin – thanks!

    Then, I ran into a problem on a new site running 3.1 – files just wouldn’t upload. No errors – just no action when picking “upload” to upload a file. (And I am running the latest 2.0.2

    Did some digging, and found that the Jetpack Proofreading plugin was interfering with things. Disable ‘proofreading’ in my user profile and the uploads work great. Re-enable it – no work no more.

    For now, I have the proofreading disabled on this site… but I’d sure like to use both!

    Plugin Author Shaon


    pls give me Jetpack Proofreading plugin url. I’ll check the conflict and fix it.

    FYI: we lunched a pro version with lots of excellent feature. You may have a look WordPress Download Manager Pro

    Jetpack can be found at ; it has multiple “modules” that you can enable/disable…. it’s the Proofreading module I found that interferes with the file upload. In my case it appears to interfere with a save (or temporary save) function – I’m thinking that the proofreader does an intermittent save and comparison to a baseline library or file, and it’s that intermittent save-before-update on a post routine that’s somehow interfering with your plugin trying to update/upload a file.

    Thanks for looking into it; in the interim, I’ve just suspended proofreading, and will look into your pro version.

    Good work, and thanks!


    I’ve just installed Download Manager plugin and try to allow to my readers download pdf file. I’ve created 2 packages, upload pdf file 2 times – from PC and via FTP.

    When I click on Download link, I am able to download pdf with 0 Kb size. I’ve checked size of uploaded pdfs, it is OK. It is around 18 MB.

    What can be problem? Please let me know ASAP. It is urgent request.

    Thank you for your time and help,


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