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  • Hi,

    I am a flash developer and want to use WordPress as my site cms. I would like to know if wordpress have a download manager where i can put a limit to the number of downloads a guest and user can have like e107. Right now guests have a daily 1MB download limit and members have a 2MB download limit. Additionally members can download the beta version of my game, while guests can only download stable releases. Also members have ads disabled while guests have ads on all pages. Can this be done in wordpress or should i stick to e107?

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  • Actually the adverts is fairly easy. Just modify the display of them to check first again the function is_user_logged_in(). If not, then display the adverts.

    I’m going to point you to a Google search as I don’t have any experience with download managers on wordpress but I know that there’s a couple of them. You may want to search the forums as well.

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