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    I’m using plugin version 1.1, which worked fine since December. Here’s syntax my former developer created (which was verified by Hostgator’s support staff and by me):
    [filedownload file=””]
    <img class=”h-pic” src=”” alt=”” />[/filedownload]

    [filedownload file=””] <img src=”” alt=”” /> [/filedownload]

    To help with troubleshooting, Hostgator’s staff checked everything they could think of (links, files are in correct locations, he could initiate downloads without plugin, there were no changes in web hosting service since December,…), but he was unfamiliar with WordPress plugins. He was skeptical that Apache server would cause any problem because they have always used Apache, and the plugin worked fine previously. Hostgator ran out of ideas, but he couldn’t read the plugin’s code.

    The various plugins I use on the website are all the same ones and same versions I used since December, when they worked fine. I would be glad to give more specifics if that will help isolate the cause.

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  • To be clear, the error that I get says file “Not Found” (404 Error).

    Plugin Author peter_gross


    The changes from version 1.1 to version 1.2 do only affect the function “filedownload_shortcode_button_handle” and matches only the counter shortcode. The rest of the code (used for the download shortcode) is completely unchanged (you can see it in the Subversion Repository). If you read the discussion with “drhrap”, you see that he could not solve the problems by reeinstalling version 1.1.
    So the problem must have other reasons.

    Thanks Peter,
    You saved me the trouble of testing version 1.2. As you said, the problem must have other reasons. Here are the top 2 reasons I suspect:
    1) Hostgator uses Apache servers, but I don’t understand why Apache causes a problem for the plugin.
    2) Several weeks ago, I changed the Permalink settings and I wonder if that could have broken the plugin. Does the plugin make assumptions about which Permalinks setting I am using in WordPress?

    Plugin Author peter_gross


    Apache is not the problem – I also use an Apache server.

    The Permalink setting might in your case also not be the problem, because in the case of using http:// there is no feature of WordPress used – it is only php code, see:

    if (substr($file, 0,7) == “http://”) $path = $file;
    elseif (substr($file, 0,1) == “/”) $path = WP_CONTENT_URL . $file;
    else $path = WP_CONTENT_URL . ‘/’ . $file;

    If nmy syntax is correct, and the plugin is compatible with other plugins I use (including a security plugin), then I don’t know why the plugin can’t find the file. I know that other users on this board had a similar problem.

    Plugin Author peter_gross


    so now I have copied your code above directly in an article at my blog – it´s working correct.

    So, how can I help you to find your problem? – it is easy php code and the problem must be on your server side – it´s not possible for me to analyse any not well working php environment.

    thanks so much for your help and attention to this.

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