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    Hello developers and seniors,

    i was using this plugin for a while and suddenly started facing problems with it. First thing is that my clients dont know the size of the file they are downloading. they just come to know it when it finishes. this was older thing and its okay if not solved.

    but most important now my clients gets discounnected during download all the time. my files are like 200 mb or 250 mb video files and they need to keep on trying for 20 25 times before they get full file. it always gets disconnected. but while i manually share link with them from dropbox they are able to download.

    i contacted dropbox and they are saying there is a problem with plugin you are using. they replied below,

    I am sorry but I cannot open a link that is not generated from Dropbox.

    i am helpless and losing clients please someone help.

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  • now its completely waste plugin for me as all my links are immediately gets expired. may i know if anyone in the support for this plugin sir ? my site is totally wasted and have to do everything again from scratch now. whenever customer places order and tries to download it gives error message that link is expired and i dont have any expiry settled on those items. please someone help

    Plugin Author Vadiem Janssens


    Hello s10dulkar,

    Sorry for the late reply. I think the problem lays in the fact that WooCommerce first needs to download the video file to your own server (Dropbox -> Server) and after that from your own server to the client’s web browser (Server -> Client).

    Instead of directly sending the link and the user downloading the file himself, it now relays through the server which takes double the time.

    Can you please check the File Download Method setting in the back-end of WooCommerce. This link may be of help. You could try changing this setting to see if this resolves the problem.

    Please also understand the plugins homepage states this plugin is in best of use when using small files (like pdf’s, word documents etc.).

    Thank you in advance and please let me know if I can help you any further.


    thank you for your reply sir. but it was working just find before two days. now it keeps on sending expired links to my customers. whenever someone places an order he gets expired links while i have set expiry after 4 or 5 days.

    and sir my woocommmerce is showing force download in backend of downloadable products which option you want me to choose sir ? there are three force download, redirect only and third one is x-accel-redirect/x-sendfile

    Plugin Author Vadiem Janssens


    Hello s10dulkar,

    Could you please try downloading the file directly from the dropbox link and check if it still is a valid URL and file.

    Also, please try changing the File Download Method setting to Redirect Only. Please understand this would make it possible for the user to see the direct link to Dropbox. After changing this setting, make a test order and download the file through your woocommerce installation.


    but sir if my user can see direct link can i add expiry to it ?

    if i download file from dropbox it works perfectly okay sir.

    Plugin Author Vadiem Janssens


    I’m not sure if expiry will still work. You should try changing the setting and see what type of link you get when clicking on ‘download’ on the product page. If it is a direct link to Dropbox (which I don’t expect) expiry would not work. If it’s a link to WooCommerce expiry should work (though your customer would be redirected to Dropbox after that).

    Plugin Author Vadiem Janssens


    I understand directly downloading from dropbox works, but the problem lays in the fact you’re using force download as download method. This first downloads the file to your personal webserver (which takes time for a several hundred MB video file) and after that downloads the file to the users browser (which takes even more time).

    i have selected redirect. placed trial order but its still hiding dropbox link and gernerating links like before only.

    this is the link i got after changing to redirect also. and it starts downloading automatically no dropbox showing.

    Plugin Author Vadiem Janssens


    Great to hear, i’ll mark this topic as resolved. Please reply if you’re still facing issues.


    In WooCommerce 3.0 the size of the file dont show in internet download manager but in perivious vesion of WooCommerce the size of file showing in IDM ! and file download fron dropbox is damaged

    I want that the direct download link from dropbox hide in download manager but the size the file is show in download manager

    Pleas Fix this Problem


    Our downloads are also getting disconnected.

    If you use the redirect method you can actually see the exposed links in chrome at chrome://downloads for example.

    So i want to use the standard “Force download” method.

    I have set these values in htaccess without any luck:
    php_value max_execution_time 1000
    php_value memory_limit 128M
    php_flag zlib.output_compression off

    Any more suggestions?

    Kind regards

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