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    Hi all.

    This may be a question that could be hard to discribe in detail how to do, but I have to ask anyway…

    I want to be able to give people the opertunity to download (zipped)files from the Download-page on my site (I’m renting a server online). There are at the moment a few things I’m wondering how to;

    -Make a good “Download” button that you can see move in when pushed – do you have to “programme” this (hope not)?

    -And I want it to appear a window (when Download-button is pushed) that gives the options: “Run, Save or Cancel”. This is not a must. I can also be a “pop-up” line at the top of the browser as I’m sure you have seen before, with the option “Download File”.

    -And last, where to put the files on my server that can be downloaded from my site? Do I just make a folder in “Contents” named Downloads and link the Download-button to this adresse (or spesific file in question)?

    Hoping someone know an easy way to do all of this.


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  • I do not use it, but the Download Monitor plugin sounds like it may work for you.

    A plugin search for ‘downloads’ shows some other possibilities.

    I’ll check out the Download Monitor Plugin and see if it’s something I can use.

    Thank you very much vtxyzzy.

    How about the structure of the files you put out for Download? Anyone know something about this? I’m pretty sure I can just make a folder in “Contents” named “Downloads” and upload my files there, but what I’m NOT sure of is the stucture of this and what I can do in this folder, if there is any limitations…

    I’m thinking the main folder “Downloads” and subfolders inside on different subjects like for example fotography-related files in one subfolder and game-files in another subfolder and so on…

    Is this the way to do it or am I way off?

    I’m not a “pro” when it comes to making websites, far from it, but I’ve managed to do a lot on my own so far. But I dont want to do something wrong that will mess up things on my site/server so I’m hoping someone can help me out with this…

    Please help…


    And while I’m at it -is there any laws against putting out files/program/patches on my site/server for users to Download? For example a patch to a PC-game or a (cracked) version of Photoshop and so on? This sounds to me like it’s against the law, but you see this everywhere and that got me thinking maybe it’s allowed to let people download this from my (or enyone elses) site and if they fysically install this on their computer and use it, then the user is breaking the law.

    Any thoughts?

    Anyone home?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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