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    I just installed Updraft and it choked on the Email option since the backup was too large. Is there an option where I can get a scheduled backup, have the plugin send me a link via email to the backup, so I can download it directly without sending it off to some cloud site?

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    IF you have a GoogleDrive account, you can configure the GoogleDrive settings and send backups to GoogleDrive.

    Once backup is completed successfully you’ll be notified via email.

    You can download the backups from UpdraftPlus > Backup/Restore UI.


    That’s exactly what I DON’T WANT TO DO.

    Is this a hard concept to understand?

    I do not want to send the backup to the cloud. I thought I wrote it clearly in my original message.

    I assume from your answer Updraft can’t do that.

    Though I can’t understand how Updraft can send an email with the backup attached (if its small enough) but not simply send a link to the backup location so one could download it directly.

    Yes, I can go find the backup and use FTP but why are those extra steps necessary?

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    If you don’t want to send your backups to remote storage thats fine, just dont add any remote storage and your backups will be stored on your server. But thats not recommended as thats a keeping all your eggs in one basket situation

    e.g if your hosting disappears so does your backups, if your site gets hacked the hacker could also delete all your backups, also you would need the storage space to be able to store the backups on your server etc.

    Different email providers have different restrictions on how big attachments can be, thats the reason only small backups can be sent via email.

    There is no option to send a download link to a backup stored on your server for technical and security reasons, every server is different but the server will probably be setup to stop anyone accessing random files from the server

    e.g you wouldn’t want your backup files in a directory that anyone could access and download with a link

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    I had been using a different WordPress backup plugin that recently changed hands and is no longer actively supported.

    I still use it though, and it sends me a link to every backup, which I can click and easily download. There are no problems due to “technical and security reasons.” I also have it set to delete older backups so there is no problem with storage.

    Now I have backups stored locally as well as on the server AND I back up that to a portable external drive. Cloud accounts generally cost money once you start storing GB’s of data. Their security isn’t perfect either, based on years of stories about cloud sites, including Amazon S3, getting hacked as well.

    I don’t understand this: “you wouldn’t want your backup files in a directory that anyone could access and download with a link.”

    But they are in a directory that can be downloaded via FTP. You still have to have access. If the link is being sent to me, then I’m the only one with that link. If someone can intercept or hack my email, I have bigger problems than someone stealing a backup.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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    Sorry about the delay.

    I understand what you are asking for now.

    This isn’t currently a feature in UpdraftPlus, I will add a task to our internal task tracker for review.

    Best Wishes,


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