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    Everything works well until the final stage of the process. On the Order received page the Product, Downloads, Expires and Download fields are empty. The customer order email fields in Downloads: Product, Expires and Download are also blank.

    Is there something I’m doing wrong?

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  • Hello my friend, this is not your fault, after investigating further into the problem I see that the issue is about to the dropbox file lenght. The default size of characters is 36, if your dropbox file is longer than 36 characters you will not see the download link.
    So you have two options, change the dropbox file name to a shorter one or change the database allowed characters. To do the second one you have to go to your database or phpmyadmin dashboard, then go to the woocommerce_downloadable_product_permissions table. Inside this table you will see download_id(36), you have to increase that number, for example download_id(100). If you need help contact me

    @victorcalderon We recently experienced this issue as well, and I’m looking at the source of you plugin and I can see that you’re inappropriately setting the value of a hidden field.

    This would be a simple one line fix, so I don’t know why you’re telling people to modify their database instead of just fixing it. All you’d need to do is change:

    fileRow.find('.file_name > input').val(;



    Otherwise you’re putting the file name as a value into the hidden _wc_file_hashes[] field as well, which is supposed to be blank for new downloads, and is used to hold the server generated 36 character hash for existing downloads, not the filename.

    @jakept This question was opened 2 month ago, I was searching for a fix to this issue for a week and finally I found the following github forum where this problem is explained further about woocommerce.

    So after fixing the issue I want to share this info to other people in the same situation as me, very annoying, in fact because there is no info about this issue in any forum.

    Thank you for answer the question to fix this issue in the correct way, but can you explain it, the line fileRow.find(‘input[name=”_wc_file_names[]”]’).val(;

    where is that line? is on a php file? which folder? I´m not an expert on this pluggin so further details are needed in my case to implement your simple one line fix.

    @victorcalderon Apologies, I assumed you were the author of the plugin given that you were responding to support requests. The line in question is line 95 of assets/js/woocommerce-dropbox.js.

    Thank you for your help, I´ll test it

    I’ve reported the issue in the plugin’s GitHub Repository:

    Plugin Author Vadiem Janssens


    Hi all,

    Apologies for the delay. This issue has been resolved in version 1.2.4 which will be available through the WordPress update panel in a few hours.





    Hello, I’ve updated and have the latest plugin version 1.2.4 but I still have issues with this, if the products has variation, it does not send the download link for variations and I can’t manually add it in the order since it says that it’s already generated but the download area is empty no links are generated.
    Is there anything I can do since have to contact customers apologize and send manual download links

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    Plugin Author Vadiem Janssens


    Would you mind to try and remove the download links from your product, and re-add them with the button?

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