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  • you may need to manually create an upgrade folder in /wp-content

    Nope, that didn’t work.

    the issue is your wordpress working directory permission related. if you’re using IIS server, make sure to grant “network” this user “RWX” permissions and propagated to all subdirectories. that should fix it.

    I’m having the same problem, and manually creating an “upgrade” folder didn’t work for me either.

    Thanks, lzjimmy. That fixed it for me.

    I did a chmod 777 on the wp-content directory (through filezilla, non-recursive) while upgrading. That worked. Afterwards I set it back to 755

    I am using IIS server, but not sure how to grant “network” this user “RWX” permissions and propagated to all subdirectories.

    Can you help?

    Hi there,

    If your site is online and you’ve got access to your controlpanel, you can usually use a FileDirectory function to navigate through your website structure. You need to change the permission settings for the wp-content folder. Now, on a Unix server this is really simple, you can do it via FTP, but on Windows, it’s done differently.. annoying, but some say it’s safer – that’s another debate.

    If you navigate to your wp-content folder and get the permissions panel up, you’d need to allow access to users visiting your site. I’m not very good with server configurations, but our host has a site user and a network user: we set the file permissions to read/write for the site user. Save and you’re good to go.

    If you don’t know how to get to the above, just asking your hosting company to tell you how to access file permissions for you site’s folders and what the site user is called, should do the trick.

    Good luck!

    karl19 – When you say “site user” do you mean the “IIS_WPG” account or the “Internet Guest Account” or perhaps some other account?

    Ok here’s how i got it working.

    I have my own dedicated server with just one site. It can get tiresome changing folders permissions from 755 to 777. After doing some research I noticed that Apache is running with <strnong>php safe mode “On”</strnong>

    Once i changed it to Off i was able to install/update plugins with the wp-content folder having a 755 permission.

    I know that having Safe mode off is a security issue but being that i have my own server and only me as the only user i don’t have a problem with it.

    Note: If you have share hosting, you will have to talk to them to see what can be done about this but I bet there’s some other way to turn it off for just your site.


    sorry, not 100% sure, different hosts call it different things (and I’m not very good with IIS, just have to build sites on it sometimes) – best would be to check with your host.

    karl19 – Well, that would be me.

    @invi2003 Thank you so much. That worked perfectly on my (dv) server with Media Temple.

    Thanks all, just get done mine. Almost manual it 🙂

    I generally don’t like to leave the wp-content folder in 777, so I usually change it back to 775 when I get done upgradeing all my plugins.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 28 total)
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