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  • Dear all,

    I am new to the world of internet and wordpress. I would appreciate if anybody helps me out with downloading WordPress documentation in a PDF format.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • There isn’t anything like that.
    Read it online: Codex

    The fact there is no PDF documentation is a big flaw in my opinion. the ability to review and / or have a full PDF doc would be sooo advantageous!

    Tony, agreed. Enough details to be contained in a book, but even saving as PDF gets tough with the side menus and all. It would be great if it could be organized into the PDF, and updated even every 6 months. I’d pay to download this as a single file.

    *I’d* just be happy to download a HTML version in a tarball or zipfile. I have a slow and unreliable dialup connection and I am working on coding a theme for my company site (on an off-line server) and reading the documenation ‘on-line’ is really a pain.

    Ok, see this and please comment.

    It’s the first two sections from

    in PDF form. It maintains the links, and reads pretty well. If I continue this for my own printing, you want it posted? My only issue is that as articles get added or changed, I’d need a way to track. I don’t need help putting it together, but I may ask for remarks about ordering. The lists of articles are circular if you click enough, it’s strange. I’ll check back here for remarks.

    Ok, spent a bit more time. This is the first section WordPress For Beginners:

    It’s 2MB, 101 pages. I’d not make it any bigger, so if/when I do any others, it will be separate PDFs. As I mention above, the PDF maintains all links, which, if you’re not online doesn’t help, but you add a sticky note (to the PDF) and click when back on.


    I have been having the same issue — I need to do a lot of offline reading. I am eagerly awaiting the day that it is all put into a convenient PDF format. But for now I just mirror the site every now and then, using HTTrack.

    The command is:

    httrack wa

    It will take a while if you’ve got a slow connection, but you’ll have a nice browsable offline copy of all of the docs in Codex.

    –Jesse Taylor

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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