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    Hello, I recently downloaded your plugin and its really great overall and exactly what I was looking for. However there seems to be some mis communication between my theme and this plugin. Firstly the Download button is not replacing my normal Add to cart button’s location and instead is going underneath all my info on the right.

    Normal Paid Product Page:
    Free Downloadable Product Page:

    Secondly when you go to shop and press “quick view” on a product (btw the quick view functionality already came with the theme) there is no “Download” button which should have replaced the “Add To Cart” button that is there for normal products but instead there is nothing?

    Normal Paid Product Quick View:
    Free Downloadable Product Quick View:
    How to access quick view:

    I have a feeling that because my theme has a few different product layouts probably containing different elements that the plugin doesn’t know what Add To Cart button it should replace and chooses the default one which is the wrong one in my case?

    I would be extremely grateful if you could checkout my site and see what code I can add to fix these issues. You have an amazing plugin and I will definitely be considering getting the pro version once I start making sales on my site.

    Best Regards.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Richard Webster


    Hi mate sorry for not replying this long, had a lot of stuff going on recently. Leave this one with me.

    What quick view plugin or theme are you using?

    Honestly its fine I can understand, better late then never eh haha?

    I am using the Nitro theme (Digital Store). The theme it self created the quick view functionality.

    So all I really need is to move the download links into the right location under the short description where the “Add To Cart” and “Buy It Now” buttons are on the normal product page of my theme.

    As for the quick view similarly to the product page the download links are missing so if you could move it into place that would be great!

    I can give you the admin details to my development site if that helps? Just let me know.

    Thanks a lot for getting back to me,
    best regards.

    Plugin Author Richard Webster


    I shouldn’t need login details mate but I’ll need to be able to see a free product, looks like they’re all paid for at the moment.

    I’m happy to look at compatibility for that theme though if possible, but since it’s a premium one would you mind sending me an email with a link to download it? You can email it to Just upload a copy to Google Drive or something, should be fine.

    Yes sorry I made the products free now:

    As for the theme I am not sure if I have the right to send you theme files, I will have to try and find out first from the theme owner. Is it necessary for you to find a fix?

    Thanks for the quick reply.

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    Also while you are finding the fix I would be over the moon if you could map the check box button to the file name and have the download button under the description. I can do all the css styling and padding so feel free to ignore that. If thats possible please refer to the image bellow for more clearance.

    Thanks so much again.

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    Plugin Author Richard Webster


    Hi mate yes I need access to the theme so I can look at the code.

    Can you explain your last post a bit more? If you click the filename on your site the checkbox gets ticked.

    Ok I will email my theme files and database files so you can re-construct my site on your end. What email should I send it to?

    As for the checkboxes, by default the checkboxes are beneath the “Available Downloads” header right? Instead it would be great to have the corresponding checkboxes next to the corresponding file name bellow the “File Included” header like in this picture. And as I said before to have the “Download” button where the “Add To Cart” button would usually go on my theme.

    So the checkbox for the “Dark Stand Up Desk” that is usually bellow the “Available Downloads” would go to the right of the “Dark Stand Up Desk” box like in the image under the “Files Included” header.

    Thank you for taking your time to read and hopefully you understand me.

    Thank you,
    best regards.

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    Plugin Author Richard Webster


    You can change the text that says “Available Downloads” in the plugin settings, and probably style the form to look like the other side elements, essentially replacing your file list section. You can even load your own template for the download form to override the default one. In your theme directory create a folder called “somdn-templates” then make a copy of the template file from my plugin called “multi-file-button-checkboxes.php”. Place it in a folder structure as follows:

    *theme folder*/somdn-templates/download-forms/multi-file-button-checkboxes.php

    Plugin Author Richard Webster


    Also send the email to

    Thanks for the reply but the only problem is I unfortunately do not know how to edit or create template files so could do it for me and map the checkboxes to the right of the file names within the side element of the product page and place the download button where the add to cart button would be. I will also send the theme files as soon as possible.

    Thanks again.

    Plugin Author Richard Webster


    It’s not really a case of mapping them to your file list. I don’t know how that’s made. Since you said you can use CSS just style the checkbox form to look like that file list element you have, and then you don’t need to have the element showing.

    Ok I see what you mean, so how could I move your list under the top right block that contains the title price and description. I think the name of the div is this (div.block-info.mgb30.overlay_bg.pd30.btb.nitro-line). So can you provide me with two codes, one to place your download list container under the top right block and also one code that places it inside the top right block at the bottom of it so the list will be inside the container.

    Would you need my files to find a way to move it in the right place?


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    Plugin Author Richard Webster


    You could probably do it with JavaScript, but I can take a look when you send me a link to download the theme, in case there’s a better way that’s less “hacky”.

    I took what you said on board and almost completely figured it out! The last thing I need to know is how to target the first “child/row” of the (form.somdn-download-form.somdn-checkbox-form.customize-unpreviewable) so I can add a border to the top of it. I tried :first-child but I think that is for lists?

    I am VERY new to coding and I am pretty happy with my result so I just need the last missing piece from you. Thanks for suggesting me with idea that helped me figure it out 🙂

    Here what I managed:

    Thanks so much!

    Also how do I change the “AVAILABLE DOWNLOADS:” text? In the setting you said?

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