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  • I’m planning on creating (hacking :-)) a few popular WordPress themes so they have the AdSense ads already included.

    Did Blix earlier today, got it running on temporarily and uploaded it to one of my other blogs for anyone who wants to download it.

    You can read the post about it here the link to the zip is at the bottom. Please let me know on the blog if you use it.

    Is this worthy of submitting to some of the theme repositories? If so which ones?

    Be sure to read the instructions as otherwise you’ll be giving me your AdSense revenue 🙂 Quite easy to install, add it like any theme, but edit one file first so you get the AdSense revenue (add your own AdSense code). It’s all in the readme file.

    Hope someone finds it useful.

    Going to try to do an SEO version of the theme next, made a start, but a lot of the elements I’d like to change with WordPress and have changed on the Morearnings site above was done through hacking the WordPress files (made a lot of edits), not just the theme files.

    Speaking of which where do you make suggestions for the next version of WordPress? I ask because the login links would be better nofollow’d so Google etc… doesn’t index them.

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  • Personally? I don’t want a theme with stuff like that included. Gaming SEO is so…. hmm.

    As to where you suggest for the next version: check the lists at – hackers probably.

    [Oh, and in any case, were I ever wanting to game SEO, I wouldn’t do it with blix.]

    Hi Vkaryl,

    Are you referring to the planned SEO version of the theme or the AdSense version?

    I don’t see a problem with making it easier for users to add AdSense to their blogs, it’s taken me the best part of an afternoon to convert the next theme in the series and I’m not too bad at editing code, so doing this well for a lot of WordPress users is beyond their skill set. Not to mention if I do it it saves others their time even if they have the skills.

    With regards SEO, WordPress from an SEO perspective is very good (it’s why I use it). Out the box it has the basics down (as long as you don’t use a terrible theme) and so most people using WordPress has an advantage over many other CMS blog packages (I’ve checked about half a dozen of them and WordPress blows the rest away).

    So by using WordPress you are already gaming the search engines to a degree as you’ve picked the best SEO’d blog software. You don’t need static looking URLs for the search engines to spider now, but WordPress has the option to have static looking URLs with hyphens as well (best for gaining relevant SERPs).

    What I want to do is take it to another level to give WordPress users a little bit more of an edge. I can’t change WordPress so every post is highly optimized (that would mean editing every one’s content!) but you can optimize a theme (the template: menu, header and footer mainly) to give the content the best possible chance in the search engines. You cam also prevent wasted links as well.

    For example right now search engines can follow the login link which means a lot of pages are indexed in Google etc… that are pointless (who wants to find these)-

    A simple nofollow to that link (the link is hard coded, not part of the themes) and this waste of links (link benefit shouldn’t be wasted on a page like this) and the problem is solved.

    Then there is targeting single page posts, right now the title element for these pages is “Blogname » “ Title of Page” which is OK, but if you want these pages to do well in search engines better as- “Title of Page” (I use “» “ Title of Page” because I like those symbols 🙂

    So it’s about making something that is already very good a little better.

    BTW Blix isn’t a theme I’d natural choose for SEO use either (the daily calendar adds duplicate pages almost!), but it’s in the list of popular blogs so a lot use it.


    I’ve updated the Blix with AdSense theme at today.

    The first version which was based on the Blix zip from had corrupt images!! Got a new version direct from the authors site that included the images and started again.

    Made some more improvements, the AdSense ads are better placed, figured out how to add ad units to the first post only on an archive page so could add a square ad to those pages in a hot area (area where visitors tend to look/click).

    It’s now possible to change the colour of the ads (border etc…) globally via editing just one file. in version 01 you had to edit every template file (around about half a dozen files) that had the ad unit code if you wanted to change the scheme from blended.

    Also made an SEO version of Blix (this includes the AdSense ads as well). Made SEO improvements including removing the calendar (this created duplicate content) and other changes I’ve found help gain better rankings.

    There are other themes on the site including Almost Spring, Connections and Ocadia (so far all non SEO versions). Plan to add many more, see for new additions as I add them.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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