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  • I am not even sure where to post because I have no idea what I did.

    I bought a domain from BlueHost.com. I installed WordPress onto their server. Imported my blog from Blogger, and started doing all the cool things to make it my own.

    At some point, I was trying to authorize the JetPack plugin and it kept asking for my WordPress user id and password. Using the Admin login info I had gotten from BlueHost when I started wasn’t working. So I fumbled around and eventually got a WordPress.com login and found something telling me I had to map my domain, and so I paid the $13 and went on my business and eventually shut it down for the night.

    When I logged back in today and its all gone. When I am on my dashboard I don’t even have the option to install plugins any more. It’s like the most basic and simplest form of WordPress.

    What did I do, and how do I get all the cool toys back?

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  • Kevin Marsden


    Contributor Day Volunteer

    In order to use the JetPack features you just need an account with WordPress.com. You don’t need to set up your website with them.

    It sounds like you attempted to transfer your domain name from Bluehost to WordPress.com.

    WordPress.org = Open source CMS you can use with any webhost
    WordPress.com = a private company that will host WordPress websites for you

    Ok. That makes sense.

    So I cancelled the domain mapping upgrade, and reinstalled WordPress on the BlueHost Server. Now when I try to log in I get a screen stating

    “Warning! Domain mapping upgrade for this domain not found. Please log in and go to the Domains Upgrades page of your blog to use this domain.”

    And when I try to login with the admin user id provided again by BlueHost I get nothing, and if I login with the old WordPress.com user id I get the same old blog stuff.

    So how do I go back to using WordPress.org?

    Do I just have to wait a while for it to figure itself out?

    Kevin Marsden


    Contributor Day Volunteer

    It might take a while for the DNS to reset. While you’re waiting, check out the Domain Manager tab from BlueHost and ensure that the domain name servers are set to the default Bluehost servers. In my case, they look like this:


    If you’re still having problems tomorrow, you might need to contact the wordpress.com and/or bluehost support to have them look at it.

    Thanks Kevin, I was thinking something might have to reset. I’ve stepped away for the night and I’ll come back to it tomorrow.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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