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  • I’m a new WordPress user. I’ve recently downloaded the latest version, 3.1, to a development environment on my laptop to start setting it up and play around a bit. As I’ve gone through my setup I’ve discovered that many of the plug-ins I want to use to optimize my site haven’t been tested with the latest version; some of them definitely don’t work with WP 3.1. So, should I wait a bit before launching my blog for the plug-ins to be upgraded or downgrade to 3.0.5 and get going?

    Some of the plug-ins I’m interested in are:
    All In One SEO Pack
    WP Smush It
    Google XML Sitemaps

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    Google XML Sitemaps and Woopra are 3.1 okay.

    Check the status on the plugins. If they haven’t been updated since 2.9, then they may NOT be supported anymore. If they have been, ask when they might be updated.

    I would start with 3.1 personally.

    It depends on whether or not you need any of the features included in 3.1. It’s usually a good idea to stay with the latest version for security purposes, among other reasons. Another thing to keep in mind is that just because a plugin says it’s compatible up to 3.0.5, that usually does not mean it won’t work with 3.1. On the plugin page at the bottom right, there is a list of the number of people who say if that particular plugin works with different versions of WP. In the case of the All In One SEO Pack plugin, 39 out of 57 people say it works with 3.1. Also, it’s never a good idea to downgrade a your installation to a previous version as it will mess up your DB. You probably knew that; just thought I’d mention it.

    Oops, sorry Ipstenu! I didn’t see your post before I submitted mine 🙂

    I would definitely stick with the latest version. Even if the plugins didn’t work perfectly, you could simply disable them and find an alternative. The security risks are simply not worth taking by using an older version.

    Also, you stated that you think some of those plugins definitely didn’t work. Which do you mean specifically?

    Thanks everyone! I’m going to go with 3.1 and see how it goes.

    Micah – thanks for the tip about the plug-in page bottom right corner info. I’ll use that as a guide when setting up the site. Right now, I have no content and no data since the site is brand new. So if there is ever a time to mess around with versions and experimentation, it’s now.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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